Penang (2 nights) and Langkawi (4 nights) trip, Nov 2018

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Hubby & I had a wonderful trip to Penang + Langkawi on Nov 2018. We spent 2 nights in Penang, and 4 nights in Langkawi. Took Aeroline from Corus Hotel, KL to Penang (surprisingly very enjoyable bus ride with free blanket, water, plenty of leg space as we are on the first row!, free meal). The bus ride cost only RM60, go try Aeroline.

We spent 2 nights in penang, then took a really short flight from Penang to Langkawi (where we spent 4 nights), the plane ride is really short, the plane ascends, then descends straight away :). Penang_Langkawi_2

Our hotel in Langkawi – M Hotel. We had been to this hotel before, and it is still clean, and cheap.



Char Kuey Tiaw in Ying Her kopitiam, walking distance away from M hotel


Tasty enough to eat ūüėõ Wish the portion is bigger though

Apom Guan


I think i over order, i think i order 40 pieces or more, something like 25 or 30 pieces for me, 15 for hubs. Too much till it spoil my appetite for few days after that :\

Kek Seng kopitiam, love their durian ice cream and soft jiggly jelly, as for the ais kacang, so so.

Must go Presgrave Hokkien Mee (similar to KL’s HarMee), must visit! Very flavorful and tasty


Wanted to go Chulia Street (Mother and Son Wanton Mee) and Kimberley Street (for 4-fruit drink), but both of them closed on Mondays! End up in Gurney drive for above. Apparently the stalls there are quite territorial, and if you sit in certain place, you should order the drink only from that area.


Our weight ūüėõ quite heavy


Still in penang here. The next morning (Tuesday morning), we wanted to eat something else (i think wanton mee in New Lane or something), but not open, so we ended up eating roti canai etc in lorong susu which is a pleasant surprise, food are quite nice here, and unique, the roti canai comes with pickle onion.


Eating hokkien food in Hock Chuan Heong Restaurant before our flight to langkawi. We arrived quite early, before they open for business, recommend to reach here at 12noon and not earlier. The seats fill up quite early when they open around 12noon/12:30pm.


Or chien is satisfying enough


Like this Bak Kie (pork soup) though i will still pick out the celery leaves

Once landed in Langkawi, we rent a car from a area with 10 over car rental agents. I think the pricing should be around the same (if they see you are local), we rented a Honda City for RM80/day from Indra Travel & Tours (The price is calculated on a 24-hour basis. So we rent the car from Tuesday afternoon, and return it on Saturday afternoon is considered 4 days’ rental, total RM320 (additional RM50 deposit is needed, just return it with petrol indicator around the same level, and you can get the deposit back)

We stayed in Labu Labi for 2 nights. It is a sea side single storey chalet/room located on the north end of langkawi, a bit too far from kuah town actually. We actually did not spend much time here (as we have to drive 30 minutes or more to where most things are Рfood/shopping) , so it is kind of wasted renting this place, RM290-RM300/per night. You can either rent through Agoda or with them directly: You get 5% off if you rent directly from them, but the cancellation/refund is really strict.



There is a night market in Ayer Hangat (1.5km) away but we did not manage to go there.

very spacious


If the window comes with grill, i would have open the window during night time and it would be nice to sleep with sea breeze, but there is no grill there, so it is kinda of wasted to stay here only to sleep in aircon room.


view towards to backdoor, there are 2 doors (front & back) into the room


The beach is really just few steps away from our room


There are around 11 chalet like ours




Walking next door is a really delicious fish and chips shop called Scarborough fish & chips


Nice view, and very breezy and it is about to rain


yum, my favourite, fish and chips.

Next day, we went to fancy breakfast ūüėÄ in St Regis which cost RM170 per pax


There is also food you can order ala-carte, unlimited, too little stomach space though, and my stomach is still affected by too much apom the previous day (in Penang)

more ala-carte

more ala-carte…




they are some unique jam like papaya jam, tangerine confiture etc…




butter balls (salted & unsalted)


cold dishes (salmon, tuna, salad etc)

hummus etc


cheeses, yummy!






nasi lemak


should have tried the dish in the middle, i think it is buttered spinach or something


mango lassi, smoothies, full cream milk, chocolate milk, soymilk


dried fruits and nuts




ala-carte, looks yummy eh, it is good… Egg Benedict with hollandaise sauce which taste and smell so buttery


This is really good as well, cheesy scramble egg toast, the egg taste divine


juices, unlimited


yum, cheeses


tomyam is quite nice, surprisingly




pastries and their jams


more to munch, they got macadamias!


munching continue although i am stuffed


walking around St Regis Langkawi compound



Sunset Cruise by Tropical Charters


Nice experience, never been on sunset cruise before


inclusive of a meal, yummy!


Buffet spread on the boat, there are more dishes inside


They barbequed satay on board. You can see a metal BBQ rack hanging off the metal bar of the boat.


In Labu Labi, where we stay for 2 nights


island in a distance.


water here is not exactly very clear, but quite clean

From beach, looking towards labu labi chalets


It is really just situated next to the beach.


Breakfast is provided, simple things like bread, onion omelette, tomyam meehoon, banana, and surprisingly very yummy and satisfying because the food are prepared fresh and in small batches (they replenish when the food are finishing), thus piping hot when served.


tomyam meehoon


Langkawi cable car!


going uphill

Penang_Langkawi_74 middle station, can skip stopping here, instead just go straight up to top station for best view

Penang_Langkawi_75 Really windy, and quite chilly here, though sunny.

Penang_Langkawi_76 Nice view, Langkawi cable car is a must visit, would like to revisit <3

Penang_Langkawi_77 Really scary walking on the bridge, as it is so high up and swing slightly, it is really windy here as well.

Penang_Langkawi_78 Last 2 nights in Langkawi: we stayed in Andaman Resort

Penang_Langkawi_79 hotel room

Penang_Langkawi_80 bath

Penang_Langkawi_81 shower


nice place to stay, and this resort is the lower end (price wise) of the high end resorts in Langkawi. Will like to try double kayak or single kayak one day.

Penang_Langkawi_83 Medan Selera Nelayan (near Kuah town), cheap seafood meal (Malay style cooking)

Penang_Langkawi_84 All the above for RM66, to much food for 2 pax, can skip the clam (taste ok only), and maybe try other fish next time

Penang_Langkawi_85 Hotel breakfast <3

Penang_Langkawi_86 salad

Penang_Langkawi_87 cheese and dried nuts

Penang_Langkawi_88 fresh juice blend

Penang_Langkawi_89 like this station where we can make our own fresh juice, yum!! Apple + beetroot + lemon is nice

Penang_Langkawi_90 water, coconut water etc

Penang_Langkawi_91 porridge and nasi lemak

Penang_Langkawi_92 mushroom, baked beans etc

Penang_Langkawi_93 eggs, any style

Penang_Langkawi_94 pastries

Penang_Langkawi_95 bread

Penang_Langkawi_96 more bread

yumm, i love rice and eggs, and potatoes

Penang_Langkawi_98 the banana cake taste quite nice, though it look plain

Penang_Langkawi_99 porridge

Penang_Langkawi_100 fruits

Penang_Langkawi_101 beach <3

Penang_Langkawi_102 under the shade, took a nap here <3 Want to come here again~~

Penang_Langkawi_103 Our stay comes with RM100 dining voucher, so we went to their award-winning restaurant, called Jala.


Sort of expensive, fine- dining-feel restaurant, but the food are quite big portion, and we are filled nicely.


yummy freshly baked bread. According to the server, it is best to come here early as their bread get hard as the night goes by. Above are olive/cream cheese, hummos and bell pepper dip. Yum! we asked for bread refill.

Penang_Langkawi_107 My red mullet dish, RM115

Penang_Langkawi_108 His slow cooked seabass, RM105

Penang_Langkawi_109¬†view from our table, the water here is very clean, cleaner than Labu Labi chalet. The beach is facing Thailand…

Penang_Langkawi_110 This is a must order dessert in Jala, Chocolate & Banana RM55, really good, especially the chocolate bar, just enough sweetness top with layer of saltish chocolate. Could be the best chocolate dessert i ever had

Penang_Langkawi_111 Map for Andaman Resort

Penang_Langkawi_112 view from our table again.


A random meal of laksa on the way to airport, which is tasty! before we drop off our car to the car rental people (located in the airport) & board our place back to KL

Penang_Langkawi_114 Breakdown of cost for this wonderful trip:

Penang M hotel (2 nights) 220
Langkawi labu labi (2 nights) booked from their website for 5% off 551
Langkawi Andaman (1 night resident package, with breakfast and free RM100 dining credit) 880
Langkawi Andaman (1 night, without breakfast) 688
Langkawi Andaman dinner (Jala restaurant) 225
Aeroline (KL -> Penang) 120
AirAsia (Penang -> Langkawi) 180
MAS (redeem points, only airport tax, Langkawi -> KL) 45
St Regis breakfast (2 pax walk-in) 340
Scarborough fish & chips (Langkawi) 72
car rental (4 days in Langkawi) 320
petrol 50
skycab (2 pax) 70
crystal yacht sunset cruise (2 pax, bought from Fave) 462
Chocolate 300
Taxi (KL airport to home) 75
Total 4598

Four Seasons, Datai, Danna, St Regis

Places we were considering to stay: casa del mar, meritus, sunset beach resort, The Andaman Resort

Address: Jala Restaurant @ The Andaman Resort
The Andaman Resort, Jalan Teluk Datai, 070000, Langkawi, Kedah.
6 pm to 10:30 pm. Closed on Mondays.
604- 959 1088

Recommended / Must Go:
1. scrumptious yet affordable seafood at Medan Selera Nelayan Bukit Malut (located between Kuah and Pantai Cenang), open from 6pm onwards
2. Crystal Yacht: Mobile: +6012 408 7866 or +6012 440 7866 I Office: +604 955 6545, sunset cruise depart from Resort World’s Fun & Adventure centre, depart 5pm sharp, best to arrive meeting point 4:15pm (Crystal Yachts looks to be more popular than the other one called: Tropical Charters)
3. Cheap duty free (Teow Soon Huat Duty Free Sdn Bhd in Kuah & The Zon duty free shop in Cable Car area/Underwater Park). Do not go to Jetty’s (jetty from Kedah etc) duty free shop – and it is very expensive, very expensive in airport as well.

Useful infos:
Panorama Langkawi SkyCab (RM40), Wed-noon/9:30 Р7pm world’s steepest cable car rides. Walk over or get on the SkyGlide (RM10) inclined elevator towards the Langkawi Skybridge

Below are some on our itinerary but we didn’t manage to go
1. Smiling Buffalo Cafe
965, Kuala Cenang, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah.
8 am to 4 pm. Opens Daily.
6017- 364 3319

2. The Fat Frog
90, East Estate, Jalan Padang Matsirat, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah.
12 pm to 3 pm, 6 pm to 9:30 pm. Closed on Mondays.
604- 955 1153

3. Mardi Agro Technology Park (8.30 am. to 5.00 pm. except Friday)

4. Nasi Dagang Pak Malau, a hut located next to a paddy field which serves authentic Nasi Dagang. Some say this location already closed, and there have moved to Dataran Helang
Jalan Makam Mahsuri
Kampung Mawar
07000 Langkawi
Open: 8am ‚Äď 2pm (closed on Monday)


Tadom Hill Resorts, Banting (nearby Putrajaya)

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A company outing. We went Tadom Hill, it is suitable for group outing. Not cheap. They have flying fox, and you have to decide on the spot (when buying entrance ticket) whether you want unlimited and only once flying fox. Some of us bought the unlimited flying box, but end up going only once. So unless you are crazy on flying fox, buy the one-time-flying-fox ticket. The small hut in picture above is the starting point of flying fox, and you have to walk quite a distance to go back, and your body can’t be wet (from playing the water activities), so one-time-F-F recommended, instead of the unlimted ones. Do check out Faves who has some discount for this place

Surprisingly, they have quite a lot of accomodation here:

Also a canteen which serves quite nice chicken rice set for only RM10


Ppl walking towards flying fox, so sunny and hot!


Into the water, from a water slide


We play quite a bit of kayak, and with some pushing others to overturn, so some of us fall into the water. The cleanliness of the water is in question, they do put up a sign at the side to make aware this fact.


Before Tadom hill, we went Putrajaya Wetland, which is closed by to see Rhino feeding, quite nice to see them eating grass, papaya etc. We also went to see crocodile in the same compound.

Address: Tadom Hill (near Putrajaya)
No.2, Jalan Bukit Tadom, (Kampung Orang Asli) Kampung Labohan Dagang, 42700 Banting, Selangor

Phone: 012-522 5728

Website: Tadom Hill

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Pan and Tamper, Solaris Dutamas (in Publika)

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yummy green tea latte


Big Breakfast


My baked egg

Overall, the food and really flavorful and tasty, go try

Address: Pan & Tamper

D1-G3-9, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03-6206 2929

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Felicia Grace


Bread Fruits, Faber Tower (Taman Desa)

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BreadFruits1yummy fresh mushroom soup with lots of mushroom chunks.

BreadFruits2their famous 7-minutes pasta

BreadFruits3This is so so.

Address: BreadFruits

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