Buying seafood online during MCO/CMCO

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Tuesday 17 November 2020 7:04 pm
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Since MCO, I have tried 3 seafood seller which has live sessions in Facebook, namely below
Tanjong Karang Bagan Pasir/TKBP (bought once)
CX Pulau Ketam Fishery (bought twice)
Sekinchan sinhiaphuatfishery (bought 4 times)

From the number of times I have bought, you would have figure out which one I like the best. Overall, I find the portion of each type of fish for TKBP is a bit much, like at least 2/3kg for each type of seafood, so might not suitable for small household. As for price, their price is not that cheap, but sometimes you can score very good deals when there is not many ppl bidding, so you can still watch some of their live session to get idea of what you can get and their pricing. Their delivery normally reach my place before noon which is good.

As for CX Pulau Ketam Fishery, I find there are cheaper than TKBP, but the 2 times that I ordered I find the item reach me quite late, 2pm+ and the ice already melt a lot. After finding sekinchan sinhiaphuat, I find CX price is expensive… Hehe… CX was original auction style, but they changed to fixed price, but i find their price is a bit expensive when compared to sekinchan sinhiaphuat

Sekinchan Sinhiaphuat is not bid style, but fixed price. Their price is reasonable, and items bought are so far very fresh. If buy above RM200 will get free delivery to Klang valley. Their item reach my area around 2pm, but still very icy and didn’t melt too much.

Overall, i think can try TKBP and Sekinchan sinhiaphuat.


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