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Buyandship is my favourite shipping company currently, mainly cos their shipping charge is weight based, and not volumetric (which other company like comgateway etc is using). MyUS is other which is weight based charging as well, and i remembered it not bad as well, but they have monthly membership charge of around $10 which I am not keen on, as I don’t buy on regular basis.

Currently charge is RM22 per pound(lb) using Quantum Solutions for duty unpaid, you can use this if your items cost + buyandship logistic cost < RM500. If it is more than RM500, you should use RM26 per pound(lb) via SkyNet whereby they will handle the taxes, and you don’t need to pay any taxes yourself.

Volumetric charging is very good if you are buying items with large dimension like shoes which comes in boxes

Below and actual example where I bought a few pair of shoes, using volumetric calculation, I would be charged 13lb of shipping fee RM 338, but buyandship weight based charging only cost RM182

Volumetric charging:
Width * length * height=(32*50*18)/5000=5.76kg=12.7lb

Weight based charging:
Total items weight 3kg=6.6lb
Paid 7lb=RM182

How it works:

  1. You buy item from US sites and have it delivered to B&S warehouse in US.
  2. When you get the tracking number from the US shopping site, remember to update the tracking number details into B&S website
  3. Once it reach their warehouse, you will receive an email titled “Shipment Updates” notifying you that they have receive it in their US warehouse
  4. Thereafter, it will take around 7-11 days for the items to reach their HK warehouse, whereby you will receive an email “Shipment ready for consolidation”, at this stage, you can make payment.
  5. After payment, it takes 5-8 days(including weekends) after to receive the item. Prior to receiving it(around 2 days), you will receive email titled “Order ready for delivery”.
  6. On a occasion I paid B&S on Friday 5pm, skynet delivered to my house at 11am Wednesday (when Tuesday was holiday) (~6 days)
  7. On another occasion where I use Quantum Solution(via B&S), paid Sunday 8am, delivered on Thurs 1pm. (~ 5 days)
  8. So overall, it takes about 11 – 19 days from the item reaching B&S US house, to parcel being delivered to your house. You will need to add the shipping time from US site to B&S US warehouse, assuming takes within 10 days, so total from paying in US website to receiving the parcel could be around 21 to 29 days.


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