Salak South breakfast/lunch food spots

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 22 July 2023 9:22 am
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1. Ho Liao noodle

Looks good but it is nothing special, it doesn’t really have the old-taste which I am looking for, not enough porkish aroma, the wantan is quite tasteless as well.
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2. Choy Kee roast duck which is also in Shoppee food. Shopee selling RM47 for half a duck, whereby here is RM39 per half duck. Their duck look freshly roasted when we reach around 10:30am on a Sunday

3. Lai Lai dessert shop which sells dessert drink (bubur chacha, red bean soup etc), porridge, many type of fried dough etc

  • salak-south-lai-lai
    According to the owner, their fried stuff are fried in oil which is changed daily, so they charge slightly higher price. I don’t think the price is higher, it is RM1.70/RM1.80, outside is charging RM1.50 but oil is dirty blackish. You can really see their oil is clean and can see through to bottom of wok. Even the famous you-tuber recommended yau- char-kuay store in Sri petaling morning market who purportedly change oil daily is blackish in colour when I went recently. Really recommended you to go to Lai Lai to get fried stuff cooked in clean oil
    Below is we visited Lai Lai in July 2023. The oil is quite dirty, think they don’t change their oil daily now. The dessert however are nice: not too sweet, very big bowl, full of ingredients and quite cheap, don’t mind going back for their dessert soup.
    salak south lai lai dessert

salak south lai lai dessert
4. Diagonally opposite is TC Taste Ori Pastry which sells usual baked pastries and frozen pau. We bought 6 frozen char siew pau (RM16.80) and 6 frozen red bean pau (RM 11.90), tasted so so only


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