Cheetos puffs

Posted by vivien | Product | Friday 6 August 2021 8:20 pm
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Cheetos puff.

A bit sweet when I expect it to be salty-cheesy, find the much cheaper Cheezel is much better, goodbye Cheetos puffs


Bought from Jaya grocer for RM15.50


Nugget review: Marina, Ayamas, First Pride, Tesco Lotus(original and spicy)

Posted by vivien | Product | Saturday 17 July 2021 2:27 pm
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This is only breaded nugget, I think tempura style taste better. My preferred style of cooking is using oven. The above breaded chicken nugget end up tasting dry and forgetable. Below is how it looks like.


nugget3Thereafter, I started buying tempura style, ie First Pride Home Spiced tempura chicken nugget and Ayamas crispy chicken nuggets tempura


Above left is first pride, above right is ayamas. Ayamas one looks pale, and appearance of first pride definitely looks better


Left First Pride looks orangey, I guess they added some spice and coloring. Ayamas can be skip, taste is not as good as First pride, it is not just because First Pride has spice, but I think Ayamas has some “instant noodley” kind of taste which doesn’t taste good

Above are Tesco Lotus original and spicy nugget. I find the spicy one is a bit too spicy. Bottom 4 are original, top 5 pieces are nugget. I find their nugget are harder(prob due to higher chicken meat content) compared to first pride which is more juicy and prob less chicken.

Here is Lotus / Tesco packaging

Overall, I like first pride cos it is softer (nicely spiced instead of tesco spicy one which is cili-spicy only)

Overall, I prefer First Pride spicy and the Tesco original. Ayamas is a definite no no though I had fond memory of it


Tesco ridge cut potato chips

Posted by vivien | Product | Thursday 6 May 2021 11:18 pm
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My favourite ridge cut chips, I find it a great stand-in for the much more expensive Lays ruffles chop. This is only RM1.99

This is one of my must buy when visiting Tesco. Their house brand sardine are pretty good and much cheaper than Ayam brand.



Mango: Aiwen / Iwen

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 11 April 2021 8:02 pm
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Previously I have reviewed and ranked elephant tusk and waterlily over chokonan and thai black gold.

Haven’t had elephant tusk for awhile, however my current favourite is Waterlily and aiwen

Aiwen has a very distinct appearance, it is reddish and will get more reddish as it ripes, it is quite expensive in The Store RM 9.50/kg so I only got 1 piece



Product Review: Tesco Curlys Cheese

Posted by vivien | Product | Saturday 10 April 2021 10:13 pm
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Has an unpleasant sweetish margerine smell, RM1.25 , still prefer my trusty good old savory Twisties cheese flavor

Rating: I will give this a pass


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