Recipe: Basque cheesecake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Monday 13 May 2024 7:33 pm
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i have tried a few recipe, and below yield satisfactory yummy cheesecake

Basque cheesecake, 7″ round, very nice, based on version of the recipe, nice goey centre which still hold its shape

500g cream cheese

120g sugar (ori recipe used 163g)

2.9 large eggs + half egg yolk, I used 163g-168g egg liquid(slightly more than 3 egg)

235g heavy whipping cream(tried ok 145g+40g milk)

1 TBSP + 1 tsp (11g) cake flour

half teaspoon vanilla extract

1. scrunch baking paper into ball, then only fit into baking pan

2. Use spatula to mix cream cheese+sugar+flour, so that sugar don’t fly all over later. Must mix flour at this stage, hard to be mixed later

3. Mix in egg with hand mixer, then mix in cream with spatula(to prevent air bubble)

4. b4 baking, tap on counter to remove air

5. Bake in the TOP tier of oven, 230C 30min till side is just set and centre in “”jiggly””. Bake 30 minute


  • No need salt, adding salt sometimes too salty, cos normally cheese already got some salty taste
  • Remember bake in TOP rack of the oven to get that burnt look. I forgot once and so hard to achieve that burnt caramel look and ar the end bake it a bit too long causing inside don’t have goey centre
  • normal flour is fine, no need pastry flour cos using so little
  • my recipe is scaled down for 7″ inch round pan, cos it is just hub and I eating, this cake pan portion can make 5-6 very good sized cake slice
  • tried 100g sugar is not sweet enough. I don’t like too sweet stuff, but this cake does need some sweetness, I used 120g sugar(scaled down from original 160g) whichtaste just nice, not too sweet

basque cheesecake

above scrunch up the baking paper and pulling it apart so the pate reach every book of the baking pan

basque cheesecake

Above is mixing cream cheese with sugar and flour using spatula, no mixer please unless you want flour and sugar all over your counter top. This step is game changer for me, sugar no longer fly everywhere

basque cheesecake

above is cream cheese + sugar + flour + vanilla all mixed well, ie flour and sugar no longer will fly 😀 you can then use hand mixer to mix it more well blendes

basque cheesecake

add in egg and mix well using hand mixer

basque cheesecake

i like to use spatula to just mix in the heavy cream, no need mixer

Ibasque cheesecake

Pour into mould, and tap it as much as you can to remove air bubble

basque cheesecake

bake for 30 minutes in highest temperature for your oven, I think my Breville oven is 220C. Remember bake on TOP rack

basque cheesecake

cakey side with goey centre. You need that contrast for the tastiest basque cheesecake. Made this multiple times. Tatura cream cheese works well, I tried Bakewith yen Conapole cream cheese not so nice.

i tried some of below recipe, and some comment I have as below. Basically first and 4th recipe not nice, 2nd & 3rd recipe not yet tried

Recipe 1:

NotGood used conapole cream cheese, lots of creamy centre due to high whipped cream content. Nice if you like very creamy throughout, prefer foodandwine cakey side and creamy centre
350 grams cream cheese (cold)
154g sugar, try 120g
3 large eggs (cold), 147g
370g heavy cream
23g cake flour
0.8 teaspoon vanilla extract

Recipe 2:
*, tried, ok only as flour not mixed well, need try again
500g cream cheese
167g sugar, try 120g, I used 110g, sweet enough
3.3 Eggs room temp, 162g
250g Heavy Cream room temp, 36% fat. I used 170g cream + 80g milk
25g Pastry flour

Recipe 3:
500g cream cheese, at room temp
83g to 165g sugar, try 120g
3.3 large eggs, 162g
265g heavy cream, divided
0.55 teaspoon vanilla extract
16g cake flour (1.9 TBSP)
0.25 teaspoon fine salt 

Recipe 4:
NotGoodKAF basque cheese cake, 30min, more goeey centre than foodandwine, prefer foodandwine’s recipe which has more structure on the side prob due to flour. I am less fan of this recipe without flour
500g cream cheese, sub some with butter if not enough cheese
146g granulated sugar(lower already among many recipe, tried 100g not sweet, try 120)
183g (~3-4 large eggs)
125g heavy cream
(optional) half tsp vanilla/vanilla bean
(optional)0.25 tsp salt, 0.4 tsp too salty


Recipe: whipping cream with gelatin

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 15 May 2022 7:35 pm
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I used half teaspoon of gelatin for 340g whipping cream but it is still not so stable, as it is melty 20 minutes in room temp.

melt 1/2 teaspoon gelatin in 1 1/2 tablespoons of water. Whip 340g of cream on medium speed just until the beaters leave a trail, then slowly stream in the gelatin and beat on high until soft peaks form.

will have to try 1 tsp gelatin for 440g cream next time.






Recipe: mushroom quiche

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 24 April 2022 3:25 pm
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Had done 3 quiche so far. I find the smaller ratio of butter vs flour has better result, is the side of the pie doesn’t slump as much during the 30 minutes blind baking

60% or 67% butter over flour faired better than 78% which has too much butter and slump a lot on the side. This is partly also I have only 1 packet of pie weight instead of 2 bag needed for 9-inch quiche pie, which would probably hold the sides better. But overall, I would recommend pie crust recipe with lower butter content



New YouTube video: banana muffin

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 9 May 2021 4:23 pm
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I have posted a video on how I make banana muffin.

YouTube link:

Or search bakewithvivien in YouTube

Go watch it, thanks



Recipe: Levain style chocolate chip cookie

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Monday 12 April 2021 11:01 pm
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Above is 200g, size mentioned in original recipe, recipe from


The recipe can make a 200g(which I baked for 11mins, I think can try bake for 12mins cos it is still very goey in middle bordering on being uncooked) but it is still very tasty, unexpectedly good, definitely need a remake. And I freeze 5 more pieces in 110g each



Above I bake the smaller piece from frozen for 12mins and it is still very short and raw-ish, definitely will try maybe 15/mins for these frozen 110g ones. (Update: 15min is till very goey inside, can try 17min if bake from frozen)


still very yum these bake from frozen


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