Maintenance Free Car Battery – “Start” brand, under Century

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The Century MF12 which i previously blogged about lasted me from Mar 2009 till May 2013, ie 4 years and 2 months. Thereafter i used Panasonic which lasted me from May 2013 till Aug 2015, ie only 2 year 3 months.


Now i am trying out a new brand called “Start” which is supposedly under Century Motolite, priced at RM170, after deducting RM10 for trading in old car battery, let’s see how long this last. Century battery will be slightly more expensive at RM180-190 after deducting RM10 trade-in old battery.


“Start” brand is supposedly under Century Motolite Battery as well


DSG Auto Glass Specialist, repair front windscreen, behind Tawakal Hospital

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DSG Auto Glass specialist located on a row of shop behind Tawakal Hospital. They install windscreen and also repair front windscreen cracked by flying pebbles. Never knew front windscreen crack can be repair, it all happen while a crack on my front windscreen has worsen, and wanted to look for cheapest place to install a new one, so far found RM300-RM330(including silicon… everything) for Kelisa front windscreen, but found out front windscreen actually consist of 2 layer of glass, so it is only the outer layer crack while the inner layer is still ok, so called off the idea of replacing the whole thing.

Anyway, was driving few days back, and a small stone hit the glass just before me, went to DSG to get it fixed for only RM50, they will drill/fill the crack to prevent it from developing into bigger crack, so the best thing to do after realizing a crack is to plaster it with clear cellephone tape, prevent moisture/grease from getting in contact with the crack, and best to repair it within few days. Basically i am told any crack lesser than 50 sen coin can be repair, else it is cheaper to just replace the whole thing.
He tried to charge me RM60 while it was agreed on the phone RM50 ­čśŤ

DSG Auto Glass (behind Tawakal Hospital)

Telephone: 019-387 7118

You could also look for other better know windscreen repair places like Dr Windscreen or Dr Cermin.

Some other windscreen replace autoshop:

1. Jalan Ipoh, 012-210 7440

2. Dr Cermin(near Tawakal too) 03-4023 7870 or 016-720 5330

3. Taman Bidara, Selayang: 012-395 2752 (Seong)

4. Bukit Tinggi, Klang: 016-620 3485

5. Dolum Auto Glass, Segambut: 03-6252 8133

6. Dr Cermin, MRR2: 012-297 8228


Buckle Up at the Back

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I am not sure if anyone is uninformed as i am, or can i say never read newspaper except entertainment section, last week while i was service my car in one of the Perodua service centre, found some information thought i will share here…

– With effect from 1 January 2009, all rear passengers in car fitted with seat belts must buckle up.
– Owner of car registered from 1 January 1995 without seat belts are given 3 years until 31 December 2011 to have them installed.
– Car exempted from such new traffic ruling are car registered before 1 January 1995, car registered from 1 January 1995 but without anchorage point (anchorage points are needed to retrofit seat belts)
– All cars registered from 1 January 1995 but without rear seat belts must visit perodua service centre to have them fitted for FREE(this of course only applies for only Perodua cars: Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, Kembara, Rusa) or must be given exemption stickers if they do not have anchorage point.


Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan JPJ, Pertama Complex

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Just done my driving license in JPJ in Pertama Kompleks, wake up wee hour of 6am, to be the first in line queing in front of JPJ, took a bus there. I had my license renewed bout 4 months back for period which i don’t remember, 1 or 2 years, maximum can renew if for 5 years, in a post office, and they gave me a receipt, on the receipt it is stated that it must be kept with my old driving license(thought it was a norm that post office won’t give you a newly laminated card, so there you go, i kept the license with the receipt…) Until one “fateful” day i bought a new wallet, and i “tink” i threw away the receipt… so now have to go JPJ… urghh, i hate dealing with road tax/insurance/license etc etc governmental matters mostly. And it cost me freaking RM150 to renew it for 5 years(RM30 for 1 years)… and i thought i renew it for a period already, but my new license stated the starting day from today till 2014… careless me, i don’t have actual proof that i actually renew it already and he told me system said my license expired on December last year… $%$#@ i need to be more careful to avoid lossing $$ like these(keep receipts!)… RM150!
reach JPJ at 6:45am, and there are opening 7:45am, had to take half day leave.


Century Maintenance Free MF12 car battery

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Few weeks ago, finally time to change the car battery after a lil more than 4 years using the Yokohama battery which comes with the car. This cost me RM165, if i trade in the old battery, they will give me RM5 off, but i didn’t as i think it is worth RM10 or more, am i correct?
This battery is maintenance free, namely you don’t need to fill in battery water, you will change it only if you can’t start your car smoothly.


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