Jonker Dessert 88, Maritime Archeology Museum, Melaka

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Jonker Dessert 88 is in MAM, in fact, this eatery is filled with historic artifact being display on the wall etc. This museum is under International membership of UNESCO.  Website:
Other related website:
this is the stall selling sinfully delicious cendol
8TV Ho Chak recommend
on forefront is original cendol(RM1.70), behind is durian cendol(RM2.70). I like my original, it taste soooo gooooooooooood, the thick palm sugar really make the difference.
Ice kacang
This is where they churn out the yummylicious palm sugar, scented with fresh screwpine leaves.
cendol price list
coffee anyone
some more substantial food choice
more food
yong tau fu also available
fruit juice is cheap here(for example: 2 green apple + 2 orange + carrot + fresh milk cost only RM4)
Highly recommended


Hoe Kee Chicken Rice, Malacca

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This can be said the most famous restaurant selling chicken + rice balls.
Selling: Hainan chicken rice ball, asam fish head, and soup of the day(black bean/lotus root)
price list
Ah Xian features on this shop
This is how it looks like in the olden days
one person portion + 2 additional soup(soup selling at RM1.20 each bowl)
A few stone throw away, is another fame chinese rice ball shop, but judging by the location, i would not want to dine there as it looks dirty, and also fumes from passing motorists, Hoe Kee will be my choice of chicken rice ball.


Pin Pin Hiong Mee Sua, Melaka

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You would never noticed this stall if you weren’t looking for it as it just looks like a normal kopitiam selling everyday food, and even the restaurant name is hidden under canopy.
Menu, we ordered mee sua soup and fried kuey tiaw
looking out at lorong tukang besi
looking into the kitchen area
delicious fried kuey tiaw, they put in some baby oyster, nice touch, soooo goood, RM4
Mee sua, again, some normal fare, but this taste good too, RM4
You can buy some frozen yam dessert next door, this box selling for RM8, contains 4 cups of dessert.


Nyonya Pineapple Tart, Malacca

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In Melaka, especially Jonker street area, you will find a lot of shop selling pineapple tart, the more famous type is nyonya pineapple tart, namely “open-faced” pineapple tart.
baked freshly
available for your purchase, the pineapple tart at the top row, each box cost RM7, 3 boxes for RM20
Here, nyonya pineapple tart, yumm, this is the more crispy type(made with margerine) as oppose to those more buttery type made with butter 😉
The above(2-layer box)  are sold at RM12 each
can type
No 52, Jalan Portugis,
75100, Melaka
Tel: 06-2823 884 / 06-3172 010
H/P: 012-638 2023, 016-6122 320/016-6435 233
Address(branch 1)
No.96, Jalan Hang Jebat(Jonker Walk)
75200, Melaka
Address(branch 2)
29, Jalan Hang Lekir,
75200, Melaka (opposite Geographer Cafe)


Dessert: Tai Bak, Jalan Tengkera (Malacca)

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This stall selling Tai Bak, an almost extinct Malaccan dessert. It is a nyonya dessert, look like lor-shu-fun(noodle) made of rice, tapioca and wheat floor, comes in pink and white, served with ice.
Tai Bak for RM1.20 per pop
Here, they serve it with cincau also
closed up(it is taste itself), texture is like cendol, nonetheless, i find it not bad, a cooling dessert.
Next stall, they selling some fried snacks, the karipap is not bad. worth trying


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