Choon Kee hakka mee (Chun Kei Tai Bu Noodle), Pudu

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Yummy noodle made in house. According to online, they recently had a fire in that area, and it seems like they are now in a proper shoplot. Picture of the shop lot in pictagram.


“Rat-tail” noodle made in house, the texture is different, feel more healthy as it is not the usual  artificially-bouncy-transparent type.

Very delicious. Yum~

Address: Chun Kei Tai Bu Noodle

No2G Jalan Sayur, Off Jalan Pudu, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Seafood BBQ Buffet, Flavors Restaurant, Swiss Garden Hotel, Pudu (Buy 1 Free 1 for Citibank card)

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 24 January 2010 11:20 pm
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restaurant in Swiss Garden hotel, Pudu

current promotion, we went for Seafood BBQ buffet dinner (available Saturdays, Sundays & Eve of Public Holidays) 7pm-10:30pm, RM68++ per pax (Buy 1 Free 1 for Citibank credit card till March this year)

carving grilled salmon

grilled salmon and deep fried squid/prawn

nasi lemak(Malay style coconut rice with all its side dishes)

sashimi, boiled prawn and mussel

raw oyster and boiled small lobster(crayfish), the crayfish taste frozen, none of the sweetness from fresh seafood



cold meat

ulam-ulam to the left(Malay salad), cheese platter at far right

fish balls etc


mussel, crab and prawns to be BBQ

crayfish  to be BBQ

BBQ/Teppanyaki-ing squid, sauce used to flavor the BBQ food is spicy chili sambal like paste.


finished product, although they are all flavor with cili paste, but it is not too spicy

chicken rice corner

chocolate fondue

fondue item- grapes, dates, strawberry, dried apricot, local fruit and marshmallow

ice cream

ice cream toppings – slivered almond, hazelnut nibs, chocolate sprinkles etc

ice kacang/shaved ice with topping

desserts – looks good, but taste forgettable, the “jelly in glass” is liquidy, go figure…

fruits – papaya, dragonfruit, watermelon, pineapple and honeydew

coffee machine

boiled crayfish taste frozen, oyster is ok(not fan of raw oyster), sashimi taste quite good

BBQ crayfish is much better than boiled ones, cheese with tomato is my fav combination, fish with pesto on the right

the spaghetti sauce is awful, briyani rice on top right, bottom right is vege with scallop

the chocolate cake and lemon cheese cake is quite good, other than that, their other dessert pastry are forgettable.


chocolate ice cream with strawberry

Verdict: quality is just so so, however with Citibank Buy 1 Free 1 promotion, can give this a try as it works out to only RM39 per person(including taxes) (original price: RM68++ per person)

Address: Swiss Garden International Hotel

117, Jalan Pudu, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03-2141 3333

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Choon Kee Hakka Noodle, Pudu

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 17 January 2010 10:18 pm
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manned by a couple

next to main road

next to Pudu main road-Jalan Pudu, also diagonally across from Sek Yuen-all oldtimer restaurant

pudu jalan pasar

along Jalan Sayur, will be brimming with culinary delights at night time.


delicious with its self made noodle, topped with mince pork, vege and BBQ pork. Above is mid-size portion(RM4.40). Small for RM4 and large for RM4.60

comes with wonton

accompany with a bowl of wanton soup.

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Keong Kei Soup, Pudu(in front of Shaw Parade)

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 19 October 2009 10:07 pm
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Resize of IMGP1399

a stall selling double boiled soup, open for business during dinner time.

Resize of IMGP1395

located just opposite Shaw Parade, parking can be a hassle here, so it will probably save you time by just paying a per entry parking just next to this road side stall.

Resize of IMGP1394

terrapin soup(RM6) and coconut chicken soup(RM7.50)

Resize of IMGP1396

vege with oyster sauce, RM5


Business is brisk, worth trying, they also selling wild boar curry which looks pretty good.


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Tien Tien Lai Restaurant, Pudu

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Tien Tien Lai, Pudu, a restaurant situated in one of the backlane in Pudu, customers filled to the brim, business is brisk, and there have 2 place for seating: one with air-conditioner and one without.
Sweet and sour pork, RM10, taste so-so to me partly i don’t fancy pork that much and prefer more simple food(steamed, savoury instead of this “sweet” dish)
superb steamed egg(normal chicken egg, salted egg and century egg), RM8
steamed ginger paste fish, RM15
overall, a so-so place to have dinner, the steamed egg is superbly done, smooth. Have been eating so much outside these few weeks, i still prefer more homey food, not too oily, not deep fried… weight have increased 2-3kg in the last few weeks and it is not even funny when i see the cellulite in thigh/leg… urghhhh… also been pigging so much last few weeks during lunch time too… usually i will do 25 mins of elliptical machine, that’s it(why 25 mins, because i am “lazy” to do 30 mins… haha), but today did another 15 brisk walk on machine… hope it helps… want to lose some topical weight in the mid section, is that possible? read some article before that there is no such things as targetting areas of your body which you want to work on…
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