Singapore 5 days training trip

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Back from Singapore 5 days training trip, in Microsoft Singapore. Final trip, didn’t shop much this time… Above is spicy prawn with olive fried rice in Microsoft cafeteria-Olio on the 21st floor, S$4.70
burger (beef), S$4.80… yum yum (in cafeteria – Olio)
mutton curry, S$4.70 (in cafeteria – Olio)
salad with olive, tuna, tomato, in light olive oil vinegerate, S$4.80… yum yum although the tomato taste a bit funny?! (in cafeteria – Olio)
Laksa in Wang Wang, ground floor of One Marina Boulevard building, S$3.60, not spicy but taste pretty good
Nasi lemak in Wang Wang, S$2
Fish noodle soup in People’s Park Complex, Chinatown, S$4 (comes in either S$3, S$4 or S$5)
chips, not bad, S$2.50
hotel room, got upgraded to “Premier Club” again while paying “Premier” rate(S$181 nett) on the top most floor of Excelsior tower(21st floor) of Peninsula Excelsior hotel. There are 2 towers comprising of this whole hotel: Excelsior tower and Peninsula tower. Peninsula tower has altogether 22 floors, whereas Excelsior tower 21 floors.
flat LCD screen TV!
Stand up shower
and long bath area (to the right)
my dinner in first night, left is sup bunjut(oxtail soup flavor) and right is curry flavor, don’t buy the oxtail one, it is not nice, curry is ok. About RM1.40 each (yep i brought it over ;P)
and wat else i brought? tuna curry… haha, don’t buy this! it is not nice either, the cheese bread from BreadTalk, S$2.20
The Famous Singapore Botak Jones burger, went to the branch near Clementi(MRT stop) to meet up with brother and family. It was too sloppy for me i guess, blame it on the crowd, took us 30 mins lining up to place our order and another 20 minutes for order to arrive. The meat is a bit too wet, render the bun to be wet and unappetising. This burger by default comes medium well(slightly pinkish meat), you must specify to them if you want it otherwise. S$8.50
Botak Jones’ cajun chicken, slight spicy cajun on top of chicken breast, very filling, so so as i am not fan of chicken breast, dark meat is the way to go. S$7.50
Botak Jones’ Fish and chip, this is not the usual dory fish, very nice, love this fish, S$4 (this is a mini set)
will miss Mr Bean soft serve soy bean ice cream, not too sweet, S$1.80(cup), cone is cheaper.


3 days 2 night training in Singapore

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Saturday 16 May 2009 9:56 am
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Another training session in Microsoft Singapore, there is total 6 trips to Singapore in 2 months, and this is the 5th, getting tiring, and dehydrated skin… however, not complaining much for these trips… 😛 Waking up at 3am, pack my stuff, take taxi… flight at 7am, above is my very early breakfast in LCCT, Happy Meal(with ice Milo) for RM8.75
premier room in Hotel Peninsula Excelsior. current promotion 154++ for premier room(room + 2 breakfast + internet). Made a mistake last time, during previous trips, we were upgraded to “premier club” room which is better and more spacious than this one.
“premier” room
breakfast is uninspiring though, this is what i had, roughly the same thing everyday, just minor changes, fried rice to fried meehoon, mash potatoes to hash brown, you get the drift.
some FOC Ceres drink in Microsoft Singapore, they provide all sorts of drinks for your consumption.
even an Xbox(FIFA i think) next to the cafeteria at 21st floor of One Marina Boulevard building
Ogawa massage chair(same room as Xbox)
cafeteria food: Salmon chowder, i down 2 of these, S$1.50 per cup, quite nice.
sad chicken, i am bored with the rice dishes already. ~S$4.80
vegetables toasties
Chicken teriyaki burger, ~S$5.20
my spicy tomato spagetti, just ok, S$5.80
final meal in Changi Airport – Airport Staff Canteen(terminal 1, level B1), above for only S$4.50, in an airport! It is pig stomach soup with rice, so warm and comforting for my tired body.


Jia Xiang Kuching Food Supplies P/L, Singapore’s Marina Square shopping Mall

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I had in my imagination Kolo mee as sweet version of Kon1 Lo1 Mee(Cantonese), don’t ask me why, but turn out this maggi-mee lookalike taste quite similar to Kon1 Lo1 Mee, and nice. According to the promoter, they import the mee from Kuching. This bowl cost S$6 + 7% GST
Address: Jia Xiang Kuching Food Supplies P/L
6 Raffles Boulevard,
#02-220A, Marina Square,
Telephone: 6339 4409
They have few branches:
– Killeney Road(headquarter)
– New Bridge Road
– Cheong Chin Nam Road
– Vivocity
– Toa Payoh Hub


Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, Singapore

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Monday 11 May 2009 9:24 am
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This is where we stayed during business trip to Singapore – Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. Currently, they having promotion, S$154++(S$181 nett) for premier room + 2 breakfast + internet.
looking into bathroom from beds. There is a curtain which could be rolled down from within bathroom.
looking out from bathroom.
This hotel is located near Central Business district, Funan Digital mall(nothing much there) is next to the hotel, near to MRT: Cityhall. Walking distance to shopping centre: Raffles City Mall, City Link Mall and Suntec City Mall.
Updated(16 May 2009): above pic are for “premier club” room, although we paid “premier” room price.


Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Thursday 7 May 2009 10:54 am
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Terminal 1 of Changi airport, where i took the Air Asia flight back to Malaysia. Changi has 3 terminals in total, all connected by air train which is very convenient.
luggage storage service starting from about S$4 per day. This luggage storage shop located in Terminal 1. (level B2 if not mistaken)
Bengawan Solo selling famous Indonesian delicacies.
layer cakes which are oh so expensive.
I bought one slice of cheese swiss roll(S$1.20), however it taste much of margerine/butter/cream, wish it were more salty and cheesy instead.
Mr Bean, a franchise selling soy bean products, i love their pan cake thingy(esp red bean and cheese, price at S$1.10 to S$1.20), their soya bean ice cream is really good.
Mr Bean ice cream, S$1.80(cup) or S$1.50(cone)
FairPrice supermarket located in Changi Terminal 1, level B2 if not mistaken, can come here to get some food souvenier back, price are cheaper than if you were to buy from some exclusive chocolate shop etc in the airport.
Select Airport Staff Canteen, level B1 of Changi airport, little known canteen in Terminal 1 of Changi, food here are cheap, averaging S$3.50-S$5, airport staff can buy food here at cheaper price. Must go.
You can see contractors looking ppl, office wear ppl dining here.


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