My favourite ice cream: Breyer’s

Posted by vivien | Product | Monday 17 October 2022 8:58 pm
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finally my favourite ice cream from my study days in Canada is found is Malaysia

i always buy their Natural vanilla ice cream with specks of vanilla bean(the lower left pictured below), very yummy when paired with fresh strawberries, which I always do.

it is cheaper than haagen daaz, and quite almost equally yummy, not too sweet, not too airy(which most cheaper ice cream are) and you can also see ingredient list of their vanilla ice cream is among those with shortest list of ingredient which is a good thing, mainly made of fresh milk & cream.

Breyers ice cream

Breyers ice cream

cost RM40++ for 1.4L (cheaper than Haagen Daaz), so far I can only find it in Jaya Grocers in pearl point, and not other branches of JG.

Breyers ice cream Breyers ice cream Breyers ice cream We tried also the chocolate flavor, tasted just ok, prefer the vanilla one


Klang Food trip itinerary

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 10 October 2022 4:15 pm
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1. Breakfast in Berkeley fatty pan mee, Kah ping pan mee is so so, little with meat ingredient

Below is Kah Ping pan mee



2. Under Bridge bak kut teh
3. Shin Lok pau (Vege Pau and red bean pao is good, Kaya pao is so so), they also have branch in Jeram. I did try red bean,Kaya,Vege pao from another famous shop called Klang Food centre but find it so so

Below is corner shop lot of shin Lok





We bought Kaya, red bean and vegetable pao.

4. Cendol Bukit tinggi
5. Regent Pandan layer cake
6.Tasty Kuih Nyonya, Jalan Rengas
7. Warung Pak Din Palm grove karipap


Above is Pak din road side stall which is situated in back lanes between some big bungalows, odd place for a shop

8. Yankee pineapple


Lalaport: Matcha Eight, Martha Kitchen, Donq bakery

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Thursday 6 October 2022 9:23 pm
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lalaport parking
Lalaport free parking till end of October! Their usual parking rate is very expensive, can’t remember but I think is around RM15

lalaport matcha eight
Matcha Eight ice cream, had no 5 and 8, will stick with green tea flavour next time, and skip hojicha. 5 is cleaner taste and less sweet than 8
lalaport Martha kitchen
Looks to be a steal, only on weekday though
lalaport Martha kitchen
Martha Kitchen menu


Yummy enough
Tender squid
Freshly cooked Valencia Paella with homemade mayo
lalaport Martha basque burnt cheesecake
Hubs birthday cake slice ๐ŸŽ‚it has a caramel-y sweet taste which I don’t particular like, Tokyo restaurant one’s is still unbeatable
lalaport donq
Currently my top bakery choice. Donq (pronounce: Donq) is from Japan, their bread is chewy and not too soft, a unique texture
lalaport donq
Mentaiko bread
lalaport donq

lalaport donq seasalt
The sea salt bread is our must buy, will definitely get it when we are there
lalaport donq

tomato basil, not bad


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