Croisette French restaurant, Bangsar Cascadium Condominium

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 17 March 2013 10:15 pm
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Croisette is situated in Cascadium condominium in Bangsar, along the road(Jalan Penaga) across from Bangsar shopping Centre. Their dinner service start pretty late at 6:45pm.


Dessert menu, available for order as well, very reasonably priced, below RM70 per kg for very good quality dessert, think better than Secret Recipe’s


Their daily specials, we order the lamb leg blanquette, and notice another table ordered it as well, and then it is off the menu, talk about limited edition ūüôā


Prawn bisque with garlicky mayo (rouille) topping, taste very similar to our local prawn mee stock. RM16


Pumpkin soup served with a piece of toast, RM13.20 which fare better in my book, velvety sweet and savoury, yummy, wish to have some baguette with this


Garlic bread, RM3.50 just normal toast with slight garlic


Lamb leg blanquette RM36, we were expecting whole lamb leg, instead it was lamb leg meat, not bad, it tasted a bit bland and under-salted at first, but then it kinda grew on me, a comforting almost soupy dish with tender lamb leg meat


supposedly typical served with rice, didn’t expect french dish to have rice.


first time having beef bourguignon (beef cooked in red wine) another comforting dish with soft tender meat, nice, RM30.60


Very nice pasta pistou, RM15, aromatic pesto made of basil + pine nut, very nice aroma and tasty


Trio chocolate mousse (dark chocolate + milk chocolate + milk chocolate), RM9.50 very nice




Some items which i wish to order were not on the menu: Duck patty Cassoulet with beans and chocolate orange parfait which was freshly prepared and not yet set.

Very reasonable priced, only RM132 for 3 of us to be stuffed (partly from the beef bourguignon and ‘soupy’ blanquette), and no taxes!

Address: Level 3 (Swimming pool area) Cascadium Condo, 28, Jalan Penaga Bukit Bandaraya Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Reservation: 016-330 4477 or 014-665 7944

Operating hour (Tuesday – Sunday)

11:45am – 14:15pm (lunch)

6:45pm – 9:30pm(dinner)

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Capricciosa, Pavillion Shopping Mall

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 10 March 2013 10:43 pm
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Capricciosa restaurant originated from Japan

Just print out the above to enjoy above four deals simultaneously for a table. Else, just show them you have liked them on facebook to enjoy these deals available till 31 Mar 2013. Coupon available in GoEatOut


Free soup which looks like diluted clam chowder with chicken shreds instead of clam, can’t really complain as it is free


Homemade pasta: parpadelle with mushroom in cream sauce which got rave reviews from blog, not bad, the cream is not thick but quite light. Quite nice.


Since we can only get the deal for one half price homemade pasta, we opted for the buy 1 free 1 pizza instead. Smoke Salmon pizza, not much salmon, also should have opted for thin crust, only realised can opt for either thin crust or normal crust after ordering


Marina with tons of tuna, ample of squid and clams as well


homemade pasta menu


Spaghetti menu


Spaghetti again


Pizza menu

Overall, worth trying when they are such great deals

Address: Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza
Lot 1.52.00
Level 1, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Tel: 03-2141 0517  Fax: 03-2141 0813


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Recipe: Poppy Seed Muffin

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 10 March 2013 9:53 pm
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Recipe taken from¬†The Life & Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch

First off, i think the recipe has too much liquid, i only notice if midway into baking when i already added 210g milk into the liquid mixture, and it looks like too much liquid. There and then, i realized than normally recipe would state 1/2 or 1 1/2 etc of liquid instead of 1.2 cup of milk, perhaps it is typo mistake, perhaps it should be 1/2 cup milk which is only 125gm


dry and liquid ingredients to be mixed


Have a confession to make, i bought serbuk kas kas which looks like poppy seed, upon checking i think it is not poppy seed which are usually black in colour, but this kas kas powder is white  and black mixture.



The bottom sticks, could be due to below

1) i used individual tart shell put on top of baking sheet which block heat from bottom of oven. Muffin tin are available for a reason! This doubly bottom layer of mine caused the muffin not be cooked even already in oven for more than 30 minutes

2) I reduced the oil due to already soo much liquid from milk


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