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Posted by vivien | Recipe | Saturday 4 June 2011 8:23 pm
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Celebration for bf’s dad birthday. Above is blackmore wagyu(http://www.blackmorewagyu.com.au/), i think it is about RM600/kg, around RM200 for a slice like above, a very famous marble grade 9+ wagyu beef from australia. Marbling score range from 1-12. Refer to this website for wagyu marble score information.


Pan fried


super yummy and tender, served with some mizu soy dressing, spring onion, grated radish, and i think fried ginger strips, ignore the lone grilled zucchini at the side


lime marinated japanese cucumber


baked deboned turkey wrapped in bacon


grilled zucchini with sea salt, simple but very yummy


Steamed Brandy infused crab, yummylicious~~ simple and flavorful


BBQ salt grilled talapia, quite nice, but i still missed the one i had in Bangkok which they stuff all kind of aromatic herbs like lemongrass into the fish guts and when cooked the fish taste so nice, yet to find one in KL which could rival that.


Baked pork/Char Siew


Further grilling the baked pork, yummy and melt in the mouth


Mantis prawn cooked in salted vege soup, mantis prawn is bought forzen and this one is a failure as the flesh seems to be floury


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