Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan JPJ, Pertama Complex

Posted by vivien | Journal | Sunday 19 April 2009 9:44 pm
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Just done my driving license in JPJ in Pertama Kompleks, wake up wee hour of 6am, to be the first in line queing in front of JPJ, took a bus there. I had my license renewed bout 4 months back for period which i don’t remember, 1 or 2 years, maximum can renew if for 5 years, in a post office, and they gave me a receipt, on the receipt it is stated that it must be kept with my old driving license(thought it was a norm that post office won’t give you a newly laminated card, so there you go, i kept the license with the receipt…) Until one “fateful” day i bought a new wallet, and i “tink” i threw away the receipt… so now have to go JPJ… urghh, i hate dealing with road tax/insurance/license etc etc governmental matters mostly. And it cost me freaking RM150 to renew it for 5 years(RM30 for 1 years)… and i thought i renew it for a period already, but my new license stated the starting day from today till 2014… careless me, i don’t have actual proof that i actually renew it already and he told me system said my license expired on December last year… $%$#@ i need to be more careful to avoid lossing $$ like these(keep receipts!)… RM150!
reach JPJ at 6:45am, and there are opening 7:45am, had to take half day leave.


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