Robertson Quay hotel (near Clarke Quay)

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Monday 20 April 2009 9:32 am
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This is Robertson Quay hotel, located near Clarke Quay area, nearest MRT: Clarke Quay, also the cheapest hotel we could find: $SGD100 for room and breakfast(2 pax), internet SGD$5(daily, optional). The moment we walk into the room, it is not a pleasant feeling, the room feel like some cheap Chow Kit area budget room(ok, i never been there, but you get the drift, there is no feeling of crisp linens, instead the whole room seems to be quite humid, from the wet carpet) My colleague couldn’t take it take we have to live here for 5 nights! I am the other hand is more concern of their 72 hours cancellation policy and wouldn’t mind living here for 5 nights.
Who knows a hotel in Clarke Quay, in Singapore could be in this condition. But next day, we move to another room, in fact a floor higher, exactly on top of this room… hehe… and it is much more cleaner, so it depends on which rooms you are getting, i guess. Nonetheless, it is a small room, a lil too small for comfort.
twin bed
looking to entrance
toilet, very small.
But i have to give them credit that their customer service is satisfactory… Do give this a try if you want to live in room below SGD$100 near Clark Quay, and internet is really cheap here at SGD$5 per day.(for geeky guys perhaps, since guys don’t need a lot of space, bed + internet should make them quite happy already)


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