Det Station Burger, Cheras

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 17 October 2009 5:03 pm
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a night out eating ramly burgers in Cheras, i watch others eat as not fond of sloppy malay-style burger, prefer McD, KFC etc

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burger drench in chili sauce

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burger kahwin, not on their menu, literally translated “marriage burger”, a marriage between a chicken patty and a beef patty. 🙂

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they also sell nasi lemak.

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Sushi King RM2 Bonanza, Mid Valley Megamall

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 12 October 2009 11:39 pm
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all rice based sushi from kaiten belt is RM2, ocha is complementary. Now is the time to satisfy the sushi cravings for cheap. There is 2 Sushi King in Mid Valley megamall, one on the third floor, near food court, the other on the LG floor, both shop is equally big. The one we went is on the 3rd floor.

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full house, there is about a 20-people-line outside the restaurant, Sushi King enforced a 1-hour eating period for patron during this 4 days bonanza(Oct 12 2009(Monday) till Oct 15 2009(Thurs)), they will write the ending time on your bill upon entry into restaurant.

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tempura prawn sushi which is left cold and soggy when it was distributed on the kaiten belt.  Most if not all sushi are room temperature, neither cold nor warm… :\

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not a food for dining conoisseur, just hard boiled egg deep fried, cut into half, drizzle with crab stick mayo mixture(RM4), but it is comforting in a way of creamy mayo + egg yolk and it is slightly warm, this plate of egg is the only one we had which is not RM2.

Worth going as it is really cheap, considering Japanese food can be quite costly. Three of us eat a resonable 27 plate, add up to about RM65.


Beauty9 Expo, 9th presentation of South East Asia’s Largest Expo and Trade Platform for Beauth and Therapheautic Professionals

Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Sunday 11 October 2009 9:03 pm
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riverview pwtc near the mall

This beauty fair happening Oct 9, 2009(Friday) till Oct 12, 2009(Monday) at PWTC, only Saturday and Sunday’s  fair is open for public, last year’s fair is held entirely on weekday, but this year is happening over weekend… yay… entrance is RM10 for non beauty professionals.

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waxing hand, the wax is slightly warm to touch

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put on a piece of cloth, peel off, wala, hairs gone

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the liquid wax to the left if for armpit etc, places which can’t be reached by the roller wax gadget in previous photo, the above wax heating machine cost about RM900, able to hold a wax container, and 3 wax roller gadgets.

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body sculpting wear by Lytess from France, the black one on the left cost RM500-RM600, so expensive!

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the package, claim to anti cellulite/anti-orange peel, has micro rubbing fabric knitting which patented technology works as it rubs against your skin.

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quality mask product from Sensoieur France, it is mask in power form.

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Taiwan’s Organic beauty bank selling beauty products. 

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ultrasonic skin firmer which seems to be all the rage now, using ultra sound and infra-red to firm and slim face and other body parts. Me still not used to these technolody :\

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YTRU Approch Enterprise selling ORGANIC comestics, here is Zuii from Australia, foundation selling for about RM80, loose powder about RM120, makeup has officially become organic… haha

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Dr Oasis which is kinda cool product, its motto is “The Power of Water” i find it is a mild skincare product but still does its job in cleansing, remove dead cells really well, its eye mask is selling for RM150, original price RM300, all the products is 50% off in this beauty fair, hydrating cleansing milk(RM170) really does remove surface dead skin cells.

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Dermadex, a well known beauty house which source for all the good skin care products around the world.

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Singapore’s Anthomi Marketing Supply, everything is Buy 1 Free 1 during beauty fair

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Freebra, looks exactly like nubra, only RM16 in Beauty9 Expo, outside selling for RM100

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foot spa equipments etc

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nail art corner

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OPI nail colour, RM45 each or RM33.60 each(minimum 3 pcs, for Naganail members)

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Creative Publication Media Sdn Bhd selling magazine called Jasmine(Aug 2009 issue) for RM4, and free RM30 goodies bag, so much for my cheap thrills 😀

Resize of IMGP1359nnail art diamontes, studs and other sparkly stuff, only RM1 each. This is pprobably the cheapest nail art bin here… haha… others selling for 3 for RM5, o1 for RM5.90 etc.

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Scissor from Jaguar from Germany

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one of the cutesy scissor RM300

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my loot: cleansing pad for removing blackhead RM2.90, etude house selling this for so much more (Buy 1 free 1, which i got a nail filer), 3 for RM5 nail arts stencils, RM1 each nail art diamontes, RM2.90 hair thingy

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and the RM4 backdated chinese fashion mags which got me lots of free stuff: la senze thong, more than 20 sachets of Lancome UV cream, 2 packs of lucidol rollers, body mist from ginvera and 2 bottles of wet tissue.

Website: Beauty9 Expo


Birthday Party

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Friday 9 October 2009 10:21 pm
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rustic homemade wholemeal bread, white loaf and pita bread.

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Tiramisu(contains alcohol) and carrot cupcake with cream cheese icing, both taste really good, yum, the cream cheese is so lickable too 🙂

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cheap local liquor from Penang(around RM25) for cooking fresh prawn

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lamb shank

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pot of lamb shank cooked in tomato and spices

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well marinated chicken wings, yum

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crab cooked in curry gravy

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shrimp sticks from KFC

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where chicken wings BBQ, prawn cooked, and fish BBQed

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clay burner, satay burner, fish and hot dog at the side

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freshly barbequed in bananas leaves without any flavoring added

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asparagus & bacon fettucine cooked in garlic and olive oil(aglio olio), simplicity at its best.

They are also abalone salad, bailey infused chocolate truffles etc.

A satisfied appetite by the end of the day~~


Crystal Jade Restaurant, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City (revisit)

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Wednesday 7 October 2009 11:54 pm
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Second visit to this restaurant located on 3rd floor of the Gardens Mall, missing the soupy seafood rice.

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Suckling pig combo, RM32.80, you can pair up the suckling pig with char siew, siew yoke, roast duck etc, not bad

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appetizer of marinated spicy japanese cucumber, RM2, crunchy and nice

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my soupy seafood rice, RM12

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Stewed E-Fu Noodle with Egg white, with crab meat, RM28, quite a nice and unique dish, fish time trying it

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Braised Vege with Crab Roe, RM36

Refer to my first visit here

Foodie friend Sandra really know how to enjoy herself ordering luxurious food…, and she has ideas to write a food recommendation book on good eats in Malaysia, very cool.

Crystal Jade is a nice restaurant originated from Singapore, established in 1991. Now having foothold in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietname, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan. Crystal Jade Restaurant is under Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding, Singapore head office: 180B, Bencoolean Street, #11-00 The Bencoolen S189648.

Price: 10% Service charge + 5% tax


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