My Favourite Steamboats: Damansara Village steamboat and Ho Ho steamboat

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2 of my favourite place for steamboat are Damansara Village steamboat in Kayu Ara and Ho Ho steamboat in Jalan Segambut (near Jalan Ipoh). Both of these places doesn’t put too much low quality processed food in their set(ie processed meat, fish ball etc). Damansara Village pride itself with non-MSG soup base, one person set is RM18.80, slighly higher priced than others which i find is well worth it.


Favourite live tiger prawns, RM23 for 300g etc.


Set for 2 pax, RM37.60


300g live prawn underneath. We could hear the prawn moving, but it “knock out” after few minutes. It is better to request them to bring the live prawns later so that it will still be alive when putting into the soup. The prawn are sweet tasting and firm.


Clear non-MSG soup in Damansara Village


Next is Ho Ho steamboat in Jalan Ipoh, above is 2 person’s set for RM33


Yummy roe crab which is RM65/kg (menu pricing is RM70/kg but they say the price may be lower depending on the supplier’s price). It doesn’t look orangy like what is in the menu, but i still find it very delicious. The plate above is RM45.50 for 2 roe crab


View from the other side, the roe is mostly yellowish in color and not bright orange color as seen in other blogs


RM86 in Ho Ho for 2 pax, not bad for a very satisfying meal. Considering to eat the crab on a monthly basis 🙂 its roe is really good, almost like eating uni (sea urchin) in Japanese sushi restaurant, but much cheaper, and the meat are fresh and not soft.

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