Lemon Curd, Sponge Cake and Chiffon Cake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Wednesday 5 August 2009 8:18 am
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made lemon curd using recipe from A Daily Obsession. This lemon “jam” is very lemony tart + sweet and look so glossy, yummy but do note there is 80g of butter in it, i find it yummy to lick the jam. I used 3 lemons for this(leftover from making lemon olive oil cake which only uses lemon zest)
Wanted to make a sponge cake and spread lemon curd on it, sponge cake is a basic cake made without any oil or meringue(beaten egg white), therefore the only way to aerate this sort of cake is beaten egg and very gentle folding of the cake mixture. I find sponge cake very unforgiving, in fact during mixing of the cake mixture, it already look really glutenized, perhaps my folding is not gentle enough, and turn out the cake never rise and have any height. Outcome: A thin, heavy disc of cookie-like cake. Into the trash it goes.
Gluten is a protein structure that you typically wants in a bread, not cake, that’s why bread is made using bread flour(high gluten flour) whereas cake is made using cake flour/Pau flour/low gluten flour. It is fine to make cake/bread using AP flour(all purpose flour) commonly found in supermaket, however the result may not be as good(cake will be heavier, whereas bread not developing as much gluten)
lining up chiffon cake/angel food cake mould, used a recipe from a chinese cook book for vanilla sponge cake. Above mould bought from Tesco bout RM18.
pour batter inside, this recipe uses baking powder and some oil, not sure it is normal to have baking powder in it.
finished product, ok, but can be better, i would prefer the cake to be softer, it is a bit stiff(glutens?) I forgot to put in vanilla, but it taste slightly orangy? haha… not as tasteless as i thought it would be.


Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Wednesday 3 December 2008 11:08 am
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Mum borrow a recipe book from National library which is all about Chiffon Cake: sweet potato chiffon, yam chiffon, cheese chiffon, orange chiffon etc. Finally tried this sweet potato version, there is also an online blog detailing purple sweet potato chiffon – Do What I Like.

100g of sweet potato needed, here steamed.
Mashed sweet potato, oil, sugar, coconut milk mixed together. Fluffed up with some meringue which i have beat up.
The rest of the meringue, to be fold into sweet potato mixture
Before baked
Baked and cooled, slightly pulled away from side of mould. Baking time 30-49mins at 170 Celcius.
I don’t recommend this recipe, as this chiffon is slightly denser than usual chiffon, and sweet potato taste, unique, could just give it a try using taro, with beautiful purple color. 🙂


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