Invited Review: Silverglobe Bird Nest from Kuching, Sarawak

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 29 August 2010 9:28 pm
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Evelyn Gan of SilverGlobe Bird Nest sent me a bird nest to be reviewed. Above is bird nest package sent by PosLaju, it takes only 1 day to reach KL from Kuching, Sarawak. There is a recipe on how to cook bird nest attached to the container.

Bird nest drink is a chinese delicacy known for its health and beauty benefits, it is essentially saliva of certain birds which lives in caves, its nests are made of their own saliva.


Raw bird’s nest, above is 2 pcs worth RM130 which weight only about 10g, talk about expensive, but it would still be cheaper than saffron


Put the bird nest into a small bowl


pour in luke warm water and let it soak for 1 hour


expanded. Apparently, real bird nest will expand whereas fake ones won’t expand after soaking


Put into a heatproof bowl, i used Pyrex, but chinese ceramic clay bowl are usually used. Above are bird nest, a piece of rock sugar weighing 40g and 400g of water


double boil the bird nest. I put the pyrex bowl into a big stock pot, base it with a metal steaming rack, and fill water halfway up the pyrex


Cooked, after 2 hours. The bird nest is automatically broken up into jelly lookalike. I can’t really get used to the smell though, it smell of albumin or egg white. Upon googling, having a eggy smell means the bird nest have not been chemically bleached, and they called it egg-like FRAGANCE.

Website: Silverglobe Bird Nest

Facebook: Silverglobe Bird Nest Facebook


Invited Review: Sri Kulai Microwavable Frozen Ready-to-eat Meal

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 15 August 2010 8:35 pm
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I was given 3 packs of Sri Kulai products to try out, above is their best seller – dim sum with chicken soup(prawn and chicken siu mai), RM7.90. taste quite good, ready after popping into microwave for 4 minutes


Limited edition Ramadan dishes: Ayam Gulai Lemak Tradisional (Traditional Gulai Lemak Chicken) and Ayam Kurma Tradisional (Traditional Chicken Kurma) RM7.90 each, still in their frozen state


ready to be eaten, i cooked it for approx 11 minutes in the microwave to get it really warm and defrosted, although the package specified only 6 minutes. Prefer the flavorful yellowish Gulai Chicken, the kurma chicken could use a stronger and bolder gravy. i don’t like the texture of the potatoes in both dishes, it is just different after being frozen i guess.

Sri Kulai microweable food are available in Tesco, Jusco and Sri Kulai kiosk in Jaya One, PJ. They also selling microwavable nasi lemak, curry chicken, sambal prawn, roasted chicken, nasi lemak with rendang chicken, spaghetti bolognese etc.

I like that there is no preservatives and added MSG in their range of products.

Telephone: +60-3-6272 1707

Manufactured by: AYS Sdn Bhd

No.16&18, Jalan Tembaga SD5/2H,

Bandar Sri Damansara,

52200 Selangor

Website: AYS Sdn Bhd

Blog: Sri Kulai Ready to Eat Meals

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Citrus Juice Extractor

Posted by vivien | Product | Wednesday 11 August 2010 9:28 pm
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easy-to-wash citrus juicer from Kenwood, only RM98 in Jusco. The motor(lower right) will turn when pressure is applied on it.


my favourite, much easier to wash than the conventional juice extractor.

Update: 15 June 2013: this is useless, it frequently jam and not moving/rotating…


FCup Cookie from Japan

Posted by vivien | Product | Thursday 20 August 2009 11:16 am
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FCup Cookie(a “breast enhancing cookie”) is hot selling product in Japan or so claimed, available in soy milk and chocolate flavour. It claims to help growth of mammary gland which increases the fat of breasts. It contains 8 essential amino acids which can be found in Pueraria Mirifica and soy milk. Results can be seen as early as 3 weeks, and recommended to take this cookie for at least 2 months continuously, 2 cookies a day with plenty of water. Reason that it could also be a diet food because as the cookies absorbs water, it swells and thus giving you a feeling of being full.
Other ingredients in this cookie includes Sorbitol, Expanding Agent, Quasi-Chocolate, Anatto(Food Colouring), Carotin(food colouring), shortening, sucrose, caramel coloring, red clover and carotenoid.
Above is Fcup cookie being sold in Sasa, 30pcs pack for RM168, and 14pcs pack for RM88(current promotion RM80)
Fcup cookie also being sold in Inbox, 30pcs is RM140 (marked down from normal price of RM168)
Beside that, Inbox also sell Fcup tea, which has fresh tea scents gently relax your nerve and help in sleeping.
If i were to calculate using normal price RM168, and their recommendation of eating continuosly for at least 2 months, 2 pieces a day, it will cost me RM168 * 4 = RM672… hmmm… anyway no matter how they claim it is natural, i still find it kinda unnatural to consume cookie for… how i wish… haha
Anyone has experience with this? the efficacy of this product…
Website: FCup Cookie
Asean Sole Distributor: Cason Trading Sdn Bhd
Email: cason [at]
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Tesco Baking Sheet/Baking Paper

Posted by vivien | Product | Tuesday 28 July 2009 11:28 am
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Tesco greaseproof paper is my favourite when it comes to baking, as it is wider than the usual parchment paper(37.5cm versus 30cm), the most common being Glad Bake’s baking and cooking paper(price approx RM8.90), whereas Tesco is only RM4.50!!! And Tesco is 20 metres long, whereas Glad’s only 5 metres. Be a wise consumer… hahaha
Haven’t been blogging for a while, for those following this blog (perasaan, although i believe i have followers… haha), not blogging for 1 week is like reallly long, this blog is not dead, just not “inspired” to write… and lacking blogging material, more like interesting materials, at the mean time, i will blog some not so interesting stuff… lalala~~~


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