Online grocery shopping during MCO

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During MCO, i did quite a few online grocery/food shopping, below are my thoughts on them

  1. Mydin: Difficult to get delivery slot, need to keep on checking their site. Cons: Can’t amend shopping list before delivery date, you have to cancel and re-checkout, but then risk losing your original delivery slot. Refund amount will go to e-credit, long time to get e-credit, haven’t receive it although it is more than 2 week now. Encounter delivery delayed till next day for both my deliveries, thus not ordering from them now, until they refund me back e-credit.
  2. Tesco: Slightly easier to get delivery slot (as they release the slot 3 weeks at at a time unlike Mydin is only 1 week at a time), however still need to keep on checking their site. Pro: shopping list can be amended up till 11pm before day of delivery. Generally won’t delay delivery till next time, only encounter 1 delivery delayed till next day.
  3. HappyFresh: Same as Mydin, very difficult to get delivery slot, need to keep on checking their site. Also, shopping list can’t be amended. So far no delayed till next day issue. Not bad, can try, but it is really difficult to get delivery slot.
  4. BakeWithYen: Delivery is very fast. Order same day, delivery on same day. Must try! Good to buy bread flour, yeast, butter, chickpeas, raisin etc. Time to brush up your bread baking skills if you always run out of bread.
  5. KampungChicken: I use my apartment’s community Facebook Group to find contacts to chicken seller in morning market. And also i actually whatsapp business/kopitiam around morning market (contacts found from googlemap). During MCO, i can find fresh kampung chicken delivery service selling for RM18/kg (Kepong) & RM17/kg (Puchong). Some is free delivery, whereas some require you to arrange your own grab delivery. Some of these chicken seller sells pork etc as well.
  6. Grab Delivery (GD): Found a vege shop’s hp contact near by place (via Google Map/Google Street View whereby the shop’s next door has handphone number listed in Google, and this person gave me the vege seller hp)… This vege seller don’t do delivery, but ok if i arrange Grab Delivery myself. Grab delivery is very convenient, you can arrange a car/bike to deliver from a shop to your house, provided the shop owner ok to pack everything and hand it to the grab delivery person. Do try to arrange delivery before 11am or 2pm-6pm, as they is surchange from 11-2pm and 6pm onwards. I ordered GD once around lunch time, though it was listed as RM10, i was charged RM15 in the end 🙁 due to peak time surcharge.
  7. Lazada/Shopee: We ordered some ikan bilis, nuts etc. Cons is the delivery time is not guarantee or predictable, they may say it is 2-5 days, and end up delivering on the 5th day with many items not avail (especially fresh vege/fruits which is hard to sourced at this time)
  8. Other shops via Facebook group: We bought a chicken at RM26/kg! from a shop specialising in frozen seafood. So expensive, and also bought some onion etc from them, with the onion is half rotten, regular potato (not Russett) being charged premium price… I think it is best to buy chicken from chicken seller, and vege from vege seller/supermarket, and not some shops specialising in frozen food…
  9. Tanjong Karang Bagan Pasir seafood: live auction in Facebook, price looks reasonable, but have to buy in bulk, like 3 or 4 kg of same type of fish etc.
  10. Cakes: Celebrating birthday during MCO, i would recommend getting tart / cakes from Delectable by Su. Free delivery during MCO when you checkout using code: DONTPANICEATCAKE Such a deal not to be missed, we had their strawberry tart & lemon meringue tart.
  11. AgroBazaar: Site is difficult to “Search”/navigate, we bought their Kombo Sayur 1 (RM30), however you need to pay RM10 to the delivery guy. Delivery is fast: 1to2 days. The combo is huge, i think we contributed to the shortage of vege. it contains below, as you can imagine, what are we going to do with 1kg of red chilli
TOMATO1 kgRM3.30
LABU MANIS1 biji (1 – 1.1 kg)RM1.20
HALIA TUA500 gmRM3.20


Hakata Mizutaki Toriden, Lot 10 Shopping Centre (top floor)

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Went there twice: Dec 2018 and July 2019. very nice steamboat (no MSG) and reasonably priced.



4 pax for RM118


Their fried chicken and juicy and served piping hot, RM15 for 2 pieces


ramen i find it ok ok only, we tried spicy ramen, sesame ramen and basil tomato ramen. The sesame one is not bad out of 4 of them


Toriden Tamago is a unique dish, RM9, can try.


This was at our first visit, free fried chicken when tagging them in FB/Insta, not available on our 2nd visit


Free dessert when review them on Google, available on both our visit, very nice dessert, yum!


soft boiled egg with chicken mince miso, quite tricky to eat, as the inside it soft and flowy.


different salt (yuzu, spicy etc). The soup base is pure and without salt, so make sure to add a bit of salt to bring out the pure chicken stock flavor


flowy egg yolk


They will cook and serve the dishes, above is chicken breast top with spring onion. The chicken is very juicy.


Then they will put in the vege etc


Done, let’s eat



After we are done with the vege, we order 2 ala-carte porridge ingredient (RM12 per pax) and they will cook the porridge for us in the steamboat pot. Each bowl above is 1 pax portion so it is not a lot, but taste soo gooood.


This is the free fried chicken we had in first visit


free dessert when u review them in Google/Insta


1st visit, RM103 for 2 pax, good value! and very yummy. They have since increased their hotpot price (RM65 to RM75 for 2 pax), so still reasonable priced considering the quality of the stock and ingredient.

Below is second visit on July 2019:



4 pax for RM145






Above for 9 pax, and we had quite a bit of vege leftover in the hotpot. Overall, must visit

Address: Hakata Mizutaki Toriden, at Top floor of Lot 10 Shopping Centre, just park at Lot 10 parking at the top. Next to famous The Tokyo restaurant
Phone: 03-2119 2623

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