Pearl View Hotel, Prai, Penang

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This small room is located at new wing of Pearl View hotel where rates is cheaper, RM125 nett per night for corporate, else RM130 nett.
There are only 2 hotels in Prai(not counting small hotel without “stars”), one is Sunway(which is expensive) and another one is Pearl View(where occupancy rate is at a profiting level, according to the hotel’s taxi driver, and owner of this hotel have been living the good life in Australia now.)
dark room
breakfast spread on the 5th floor.
roti canai stand, overlooking half of Prai


Kopitiam, Taman Chai Leng, Prai

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Having dinner in Chai Leng park, Prai. Popiah nice, RM1.20 each
Kuey Chap, first time i have it, its noodle is of kuey tiaw texture, but thicker. not bad, worth trying.
intestine satay, don’t really like satay.
fried kuey tiaw, RM3.50
Pineapple rice, first time seeing pineapple rice like this, where the pineapple are not mixed into the rice. Rice is good, infused with some spice (and coconut milk perhaps?).
my favourite – Or Chien (oyster omelette). This one is not as good as the one in Bee Hui restaurant, Pulau Tikus(Penang), but it is good enough, especially the sticky glueey part, this big plate cost only RM6.


IceIce Baby, Auto-City, Prai, Penang

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For lunch, we went to Auto-City, Prai. It has blocks of auto shops, restaurants etc. A lot of high end restaurants here. You can see Auto-City if you are on North South highway from KL to Penang, it is to your left, just past the Juru toll station.
front entrance of IceIce Baby cafe, next to Starbucks, it is fusion food of Japanese-Taiwanese-French…
Back entrance of IceIce Baby
Inside the cafe
Lunch promotion
I am ordering Ebiko Chicken Teriyaki Rice price at RM8.90, cheap
drinks selection
finger food
orange juice RM4.90, Apply and Celery juice(RM5.90), mango smoothie(RM6.90)
Ebiko and chicken rice, disappointing as the food is cold, seems like they just mixed all the pre-cooked item together, along with dashes of soy sauce.
curry baked rice. RM9.90
fried chicken wings, looks dry and over fried, but it taste very delicious, juicy meat within. RM6.90
IceIce Baby Address:
1821-G3, Jalan Perusahaan,
13600, Prai
Auto-City Address:
1688-F8, Jalan Perusahaan, Highway Auto-City,
North-South Highway Juru Interchange,
13600, Prai,
Telephone: 04- 5011 222
Operating Hour:
Mon-Thurs: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Fri, Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: 11:30am – midnight
Price: Service Charge 10% (i don’t think they are eligible to bill service charge as their turn over prob not over 3 million per annum, Service Tax in Restaurant… )
Website: Highway Auto-City – 1 Stop Auto & Food


Factory’s Canteen, Prai / Perai

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My curry chicken rice, RM2.50, i can go with curry chicken most time, and with a lotsss of potatoes.
Tou-Fu, RM0.50, soup is tasteless but am not expecting much from a factory’s canteen.
Colleague’s coffee, miniature for RM0.40, big for RM0.70.
Bread from canteen, each for RM1. Left is red-bean, right is sardine. Employees in this factory are give RM2 allowance to be spent in canteen each day, carry forward not allowed, therefore these are breads given by my customers.


Nasi Kandar Pelita, Taman Chai Leng, Prai

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Store front, ¬†also called Pelita Tandoori House, not a fan of nasi kandar, it just seems too heaty, “complicated” to me, with all the fried stuff, curries, heavily spiced food etc. i prefer more mellow curries, like dhal, curry chicken, banana leaves …
Wanted to order naan or roti canai, but it was already finished by 11pm, we reached here at 1:30am.
Nasi Kandar Pelita serve North Indian/Indian Muslim food.
Nasi kandar with chicken + sotong, RM7.20
Nasi Kandar with chicken, RM4.70
Drinks, all together RM3.80
Nasi Kandar Pelita
No. 56, Lorong Kurau 1,
Taman Chai Leng,
13700 Prai,
Telephone: 04-397 3018
There are 2 branches of Nasi Kandar Pelita in Prai, one in AutoCity, the other in Chai Leng park. Chai Leng Park branch is smaller but served better food(according to locals)
Nasi Kandar Pelita has up till now more than 20 branches, in Perai, Bukit Mertajam, Kulim, Sungai Petani, Penang, Ipoh, KL, Selangor, even internationally in India.
Website: Nasi Kandar Pelita


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