Pimple/Acne Patch by 3M

Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Saturday 28 March 2009 12:56 am
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Bet you heard of 3M, the Post-it notes, but have you heard of Acne Patch, by none other than 3M. I read of it from Skin Deco: Enhancing Natural Beauty, it sound so cool and mess-free, so today after Saturday morning workout at gym, i went searching for this patch in Watson. Excuse my dull photo, you could refer to Skin Deco for clearer pic. It is on 15% discount, i got the 18pcs pack, there is a smaller pack(9pcs i think, normal price RM4.70) and a bigger pack(36 pcs, normal price RM12.90), 18pcs normal price is RM8.30… you could find it at the bandage/band-aid section or mask section. Have not tried this out yet, but i think it will work… hehe… overnight “miracle” to get rid of the stubborn whitish pus… Ewww
Anyway, there is some good “deal” going on… i bought the 18pcs one, which is before discount RM8.30, but upon paying it shown normal price RM4.90, and i only paid about RM4.20 for tis. Did told one of the staff but i guess she is not manager, just said “wat to do”… so it is now up to your conscience… hahaha. Anyway in Canada, they is this practise whereby if you bought something in supermarket cheaper than what is shown on their flyer, they will give you the the first item free, let’s say you bought 3 of the item, then you tell them the price is incorrect, they will give you the first item free, not mistaken, it is a law there.


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