Cameran Highland(Kampung Raja) Food

Posted by vivien | Others | Sunday 30 November 2008 12:29 pm
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i wonder when i am gonna get sick of food blogging or this blog for that matter, read some food blogger commented that “they is only so much delicious that i can say” etc etc… but i can safely say i won’t be ending this blog for a while, they is only so much angst that teenage years can produce, only so much to rant about starting to work a living, or relationship gushes that one can write before realizing that the whole world could be reading or potentially be reading. Food blogging is a pretty safe choice, it transcends age, stages of live 😛

Favourite juicy corn from Cameron Highlands, my hand, just to show the size of the corn, this is a mid-size corn.
Yummy smooth noodle, haven’t had this kind of rice noodle for a while, yumm, it is only slightly spicy although looks quite reddish.
Juicy Char Siew Bau, RM1.20


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