Seafood in Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

Posted by vivien | Others | Friday 23 January 2009 10:57 am
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We went to this portuguese settlement area, near the sea for some baked fish. Parameswara which is located on the furtheset end of the above pic is closed, so went to another stall instead.
We went to first stall, D’muara Ikan bakar.
Here they sell fishes, squid and prawn.
The seafood looks fresh, but they are awfully lots of flies, in all the stalls here. price is quite steep, fish RM30/kg, prawn RM65/kg etc
pungent spicy sauce to go with the seafood
nasi lemak, RM0.60
rice is fragrant, quite nice
tasteless otak otak, RM0.60
coconut, RM3 each, quite cheap
sotong, here is 2 large squid is sweet sour style, RM22.50 for this portion, very fresh and good
baked fish, juicy and fresh though they is slight hint of fishiness, think they only baked this with some salt. RM33 for this fish weight slight more than 1kg.
polished clean, this meal cost about RM55, not as expensive as i thought it will be


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