Tampopo, Liang Court mall (near Clarke Quay)

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Monday 20 April 2009 9:14 am
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Had dinner in Tampopo, a famous Japanese ramen restaurant, priced is also slightly higher.
kyushu ramen Original SGD$13.30
I had black pig shabu Ramen, SGD$13.80(approx RM33 @2.41) taste so-so to me, but knowing the price, i think it is quite good 🙂 ;P
Beef curry rice, approx SGD$15
Address: Tampopo
177, River Valley Road,
#01-23/24 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Post by other blogger
Kong Kay
This is probably the most expensive one-dish meal that we had in Singapore, averaging SGD$15 without any drinks.


Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan JPJ, Pertama Complex

Posted by vivien | Journal | Sunday 19 April 2009 9:44 pm
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Just done my driving license in JPJ in Pertama Kompleks, wake up wee hour of 6am, to be the first in line queing in front of JPJ, took a bus there. I had my license renewed bout 4 months back for period which i don’t remember, 1 or 2 years, maximum can renew if for 5 years, in a post office, and they gave me a receipt, on the receipt it is stated that it must be kept with my old driving license(thought it was a norm that post office won’t give you a newly laminated card, so there you go, i kept the license with the receipt…) Until one “fateful” day i bought a new wallet, and i “tink” i threw away the receipt… so now have to go JPJ… urghh, i hate dealing with road tax/insurance/license etc etc governmental matters mostly. And it cost me freaking RM150 to renew it for 5 years(RM30 for 1 years)… and i thought i renew it for a period already, but my new license stated the starting day from today till 2014… careless me, i don’t have actual proof that i actually renew it already and he told me system said my license expired on December last year… $%$#@ i need to be more careful to avoid lossing $$ like these(keep receipts!)… RM150!
reach JPJ at 6:45am, and there are opening 7:45am, had to take half day leave.


Ministry of Food MOF, Singapore

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Friday 17 April 2009 1:38 pm
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Wanted to try this Macha Mixed Imo for sometime. Pass by MOF during shopping, and there is 20% off on all items during weekday… Weeeeee…
Green tea ice cream with fried sweet potato and fried yam, not bad, $SGD5.40(approx RM13). Referring to post by other food blogger, this item cost only RM11 in Malaysia, further more it is normal price. After this whole week in Singapore, Malaysian food is still cheaper 😛
MOF is available in Malaysia – Pavillion shopping mall
post by other blogger:
Motormouth from Ipoh
Babe in the City – KL
Address: Ministry of Food
Japanese Sweets & Coffee,
21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4,
Lot 1 Mall, #03-15A,
Telephone: 03- 6766 4200
Website: Ministry of Food


The Soup Spoon, Singapore

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Friday 17 April 2009 1:28 pm
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Saw a lot of office workers “tapao” food from this place, so my colleague and I went to this place for dinner. My set above(SGD$10.60, approx RM25) consisting of mushroom stroganoff soup + bread roll, half a spinach mozarella wrap, an apple and side of salad. The soup itself is SGD$6.70. The add-ons cost SGD$3.90.
Colleague ordered a chowder in sour dough bread, SGD$9.50, looks really nice.
Address: The Soup Spoon,
Raffles Xchange,
5 Raffles Place Singapore 068803,
Raffles Place MRT Basement 1 Unit 62.
Telephone: (65) 6295 9753
Price: GST 7%
Website: The Soup Spoon


New York New York, Singapore

Posted by vivien | Others: Singapore | Friday 17 April 2009 1:18 pm
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Appetiser. Heard quite a fair bit of bad reviews of this place, the food is OK.
Nachos, SGD$7.90(approx RM19), nachos with cheddar sauce and salsa. passable as this is probably an assembled dish, salsa and cheddar sauce from can, while chips from bag.
Spagetti Bolognaise Meatball, SGD$12.90 (approx RM31), meaty, nice although the meatball is a bit dry.
my 2.5 years old niece who is not camera shy. If you can read chinese, check out my sis in law blog.


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