Andana Spa, Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Full day spa at RM148++

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Andana spa is a spa in Holiday Inn Glenmarie hotel, this hotel is quite far off from the city, with its own golf course. They have a per entry deal(RM148++) whereby you can stay in the spa from 10am to midnight for a fixed price. This 148++ includes below
– 40 mins Shiatsu or aromatheraphy massage
– usage of hot and cold water theraphy spa pools
– usage of sauna and steam room
– reading and movie lounges
– Wifi and internet access service
– complimentary food from Andana Daily menu(free flow buffet style with ala-carte options)
Above is their menu for the previous day, didn’t take photo of menu for the day we went which is a monday(national holiday). They have buffet line, and also few items that you can order ala-carte(fish and chips available from 4pm onwards ala carte) Unlimited haagen daz ice cream!!!, only 1 flavor available every day, we had belgian chocolate that day, my favourite ice cream from haagen daz, slightly bitter and oh so chocolatey… yumm… had 4 to 5 servings of it)
Hand & Foot Spa pricing: Pedicure at RM48++, Manicure RM35++
rooms like these are available for reservation.
nice comfy chair for your to hang around eating, watching movies, chatting, the environment is really nice, with cooling aircon, and if you are cold, there are thick towels for you to cover your feet(available between the chairs)
with koi pond if you want some sun
dim sum/siew mai available on the buffet line for breakfast, we are famished at 10:30am, being the first 4 customers to reach Andana spa at 9:55am, they are open from 10am till midnight
salad with cherry tomatoes, capsicums, japanese cucumber etc
fruits and sandwiches(ham and egg)
curry puff, fish balls, fried bean curd sheet with fish paste
other food on the buffet line, items are constantly stocked, even between meals(breakfast/lunch/dinner)
free flow fruit juice(orange, watermelon, sour lime etc), their orange juice is pure without added water and sugar, so nice. we had soup too(some cucumber vegetable soup)
belgian chocolate haagen daz ice cream for breakfast 🙂 while watchin twilight, a chick flick(if i could call it, but it is something relaxing about watching good looking young actor and actresses, the romance etc). I think Ashley Greene is really pretty, although first impression i find her looking old, but the baseball scene change my perception…
ala-carte porridge, just so-so, lime and sour plum juice does stimulate appetite for more food 🙂
longan jelly(so-so) and more haagen daaz ice cream. yum
pie ti, fish and chips taste great(only available 4pm onwards)
locker room(each person entitle to a locker with key)
changing room
dressing table: cotton bud, styling products
rubber bands in the white container and more styling products available for your usage
looking towards hot and cold spa pool from dressing table area
hot pool with reclining chair in it. really warm(40 degree Celcius) and nice having water pressure shooting at your back, stay here for 15-20mins, then you have to jump to a really cool small pool to tighen your pores(as instructed by person there). Purpose of hot pool is to help body blood circulation.
there is the cold pool(14 degree Celcius) left of above photo, take a quick dip to close the pores on your skin (1 or 2 second is enough) After this, you can proceed to sauna and steam room just next to the pool
after sauna/steam room(5-10 minutes), you can proceed to shower and they will give you new robes and even disposable underwear 😉
manicure/pedicure area, they is only 1 person here :(, 4 of us spent about 4 hours just for having pedicure and manicure…
blueish bath salt to clean your feet
dry your nails in front of mini fan
look black with hints of purple, RM48++ for pedicure
light purple
my red with hints of orange from one of OPI latest range: espana
manicure: RM35++
A nice and worth the money trip to Andana, for limited time(i think until end of the year), they have 20% discount for creditcard: Maybank and Citibank, 20% discount off the RM148++, so it will add up to only RM136 nett for whole day of relaxation, haagen daaz whole day is pure indulgence 🙂
Website: Andana Spa
Address: Andana Spa
Holiday Inn Glenmarie,
No.1, Jalan Usahawan U1/8,
Seksyen U1,
41050, Shah Alam,
Telephone: 03-7803 2328



  1. Comment by becklee — September 8, 2009 @ 4:30 am

    Sounds like a good deal.

  2. Comment by ice — September 13, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

    hi i sure would like to go there as well…

  3. Comment by vivien — September 14, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

    yep, it is a good deal, definitely worth a re-visit 🙂

  4. Comment by tracy — August 14, 2012 @ 6:10 pm

    i would like to have more spa info for couple and family pakages.


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