Recipe: Orange Hot Milk Sponge with Orange Creme Patissiere

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Tuesday 3 November 2009 11:10 pm
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was bored, so played with food instead 😛 This is a new method of baking cake where boiling hot milk are added into flour-egg mixture instead of the usual cold or room temperature ingredient. Recipe from Homemade Heaven, the cake i baked failed but the cream patissiere is really nice, like those from beard papa’s and it is fat free! The cake turn out dense, and big holes in areas, maybe i add in the milk too fast, in fact i add them in one go, and stir the thick flour-egg mixture with the milk frantically, and it is a bit lumpy when i pour it into baking tin. Also experiment with Olympus mju 7000 taking food picture, i guess the preset scene-Cuisine is still the most suitable for taking food photo as i am not familiar with doing setting manually.


sifting flour with baking powder + salt

hot milk cake butter mixture

to be hot milk mixture for the cake, here is 1 pack of UHT milk + 100g butter + orange zest

four eggs

4 egg + sugar, beat till pale white… for making the orange cake.

cream patisere

about 60ml of milk + 3 egg yolk + sugar + vanilla

cooking cream patisere

bottom of pot after cream patisiere is fully cooked and thick… yummy stuff


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