Recipe: Orange Chiffon

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Monday 11 February 2013 1:45 pm
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Followed amount specified inĀ The Kitchen 70’s recipe exactly, with exception of substituting lemon juice with cream of tartar, recipe i used as below

4 egg yolk, 15g sugar, pinch of salt

65g vegetable oil, 70g sifted fresh orange juice

85g flour sifted with 15g of corn flour

4 egg white(160g i didn’t measured the weight for my 4 eggs), pinch of cream of tartar, 75g caster sugar

i baked the initial 10mins on 175C, lowering it after the top is quite brown, the last 10 mins on 150C, total baking time only 25 minutes.


lovely puffed up when done baking, and inverted to a white vinegar bottle


looks okay here as well


slightly egg white not mixed into the chiffon resulting in white pockets, wish it is higher cake though, as seens it slight sink


taste is alright, just wish it is higher instead of sinking down eventually


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