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Balai Bomba and Penyelamat Cyberjaya. Fire & Rescue Department Cyberjaya. My company organise training for selected employee to undergo fire rescue training. According to our trainer, this fire department is the most expensive in Malaysia, takes RM32 millions to build.
our itinerary, with tea break and lunch slotted in ;P mainly includes theoritical knowledge in the morning and practical training in the afternoon (practical includes holding water hose, opening the water hyrant, putting out fire with fire extinguisher)
Some informative knowledge includes testing the heat on door knob before opening it when there is smoke coming from outside of the room, this is to test the severity of the fire, and if it is cold, open the door slowly else oxygen will rush in too quickly causing the fire to flame up very quickly…
Fireman explaining related fire apparatus we are going to use. Apparently the water host has a male on outer side and female on the inner which will be linked to water hydrant.
Opening of water hydrant with err… i forgot all the naming.
Our trainer pouring petrol
lighting it up
Everyone of us have a try in putting out fire, have to stand about 10 feet from the fire source, we are using powder based extinguisher which can be quite messy with powder flying all over the place. So, in case of using it in enclosed place, make sure your back is facing the exit, else you can’t find your way out from powder filled room.
They store hose in high tower.
base of tower.
fire engine
chain saw and circular saw. Fireman also involve in car accidents rescue, persuading suicidal people, finding corpse in river etc. For your information, fireman are protected by law when doing rescue, for example, if your neighbour house on fire, they have the right to break a hole in your house etc, basically do anything for their rescue operation, then you can’t sue them, but you can claim from insurance company.
more water hose
back of fire engine


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