Maintenance Free Car Battery – “Start” brand, under Century

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The Century MF12 which i previously blogged about lasted me from Mar 2009 till May 2013, ie 4 years and 2 months. Thereafter i used Panasonic which lasted me from May 2013 till Aug 2015, ie only 2 year 3 months.


Now i am trying out a new brand called “Start” which is supposedly under Century Motolite, priced at RM170, after deducting RM10 for trading in old car battery, let’s see how long this last. Century battery will be slightly more expensive at RM180-190 after deducting RM10 trade-in old battery.


“Start” brand is supposedly under Century Motolite Battery as well


Car Tyre Shop Recommendation: C.K.L Auto Centre Sdn Bhd, Jalan Ipoh

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went pick up the tayar shop worker to house to take my tire rim to be replaced with one of their spare tire so that i could drive to tire shop to change all 4 tyres


new tyre


C.K.L Auto Centre is just next to Proton service centre


business hour

After 6++ years (3 out of 4 of my tyre actually purchased on May 2007, which makes 3 of my car tyre almost 8 years old), I really need to change them and have been procrastinating and 2 of them finally puncture without me even realizing, only notice they are punctured when parked in house, have to call a few tyre shop and decided to purchase them (Continental CC5 165-55-14) at RM660 for 4 pcs from C.K.L. Auto Centre, ie RM165 per pc. They provide good service and no charge for house-visit as i found out my spare tyre is actually leaking air even after filling it with air in petrol station and not able to drive to the their shop. Normally house visit will incur RM20 service charge

Before trying out this tyre shop, i also called to Perkhidmatan Tayar Bateri Hong Leong, batu 5, Jalan Ipoh, but they don’t carry Continental and charge RM150 for Silverstone, whereas the usual shop i normally visit – Chuan Ann Tayar near Segambut charge only RM125 per pc for Silverstone. But due to the fact Chuan Ann no longer sell Continental tyre which mine was purchased from, i went to C.K.L instead for this time.

In conclusion, 2 shops of tire shop near Jalan Ipoh/Segambut which i recommend are C.K.L. and Chuan Ann, below their contacts

Address: Syarikat Chuan Ann Tayar & Bateri (K.L.) Sdn Bhd, they mostly only carry Silverstone and Goodyear
Lot 154 A, Jalan Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-6251 1996

Address: C.K.L. Auto Centre Sdn Bhd (Cawangan Jalan Ipoh), mostly carry Continental and Vikings
Lot 6193, Jalan Ipoh, Batu 4 1/2, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-6258 1277
Business hour:
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Sunday: 8am – 4:30pm


Fitology fitness centre, Bangsar (near Bangsar Village)

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Went for a first trial session RM110 about 2 weeks ago (30 minutes personal training + 30 infra red sauna + 1 big cup of cold yummy smoothie + 30 minutes massage) Read about this gym/fitnesss centre in Nicole Chocoa Heaven. It is somewhere inside a small narrow road next to Petronas near Bangsar Village. The 30 minutes personal training is quite informative considering i have not gone thru one before, learning that plank is actually an exercise instead of a silly plank picture. I did try to practice plank at home, but just don’t think i am doing it right and hurt my back (a mirror would have helped and if only i have watch this YouTube earlier), now is keeping to swimming for minimal stress on the back.

But it is pretty cool if can master plank, you can basically exercise anywhere… one day… and 1 minute is enough to have you feeling tired


Infra red sauna


Water within, have to keep dehydrated inside, they are even magazine inside


Very cold and yummy smoothie, i choose “Energising” which is orangey




Quite expensive, just for one time experience.

9 Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Tel: 03 2201 4311

Website: Fitology

Post by other blogger:

UOB deal on Fitology


Shop from US website: Comgateway vs Borderlinx

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I have shipped items from US using Comgateway around 4 to 5 times, experiences of shopping depicted in previous post in 2010(US Online Shopping using Comgateway DHL Delivery service) and 2009(Shipping Rate from the US to Malaysia)

There is a program in Comgeway called Prime Rewards, whereby after you made 3 shipments, you are upgraded to ‘Prime’ status whereby the rate per 0.5 kg is 11% lower for a period of 9 months, ‘Prime’ rate will continue for another 9 months if you make another 3 shipment  (below details amended from Comgateway website) ie:

‘Prime’ rate and priviledge

Description Express Standard
First 0.5kg US$ 24.90 US$ 20.75
Every additional 0.5kg US$ 3.50 US$ 2.90 (original $3.25 for Non-Prime)
Speed of Delivery (business days) 3 – 5 6 – 8


Services Prime Non Prime
International Shipping Rates 11% discount on subsequent 0.5kg shipping rates
BuyForMe Service Fee 7% of item cost 10% of item cost
(max of 15 packages per shipment)
Free Free for 1st 3 packages (every additional package US$1 thereafter)
Storage Free for 60 days
subsequent US$1/day/item
Free for 30 days
subsequent US$1/day/item
Repack   US$5 for box cut downs and
US$3 for box transferred to bag option
  US$7 for box cut downs and US$5 for box transferred to bag option
Express delivery upgrade Automatic express delivery
Not applicable



Comgateway estimated shipping charge for 12kg of items is US$ 95.50 (Comgateway cost calculator)


Borderlinx estimated shipping charge for 12kg of items is US$ 116 (Borderlinx cost calculator)

Based on above 2 screenshots, Comgateway seem to be the one charging cheaper rate, around $20 cheaper for 12kg of shipment. Nonetheless, my recent shipment of 12kg using Comgateway (pictured below) has substantial consolidation fee and repack fee due to it being 6 packages and some of it are in big boxes. So far i could not find the consolidation fee and repack fee for Borderlinx, anyone have idea?

As for duty charges, i think Borderlinx charge excessively and not even sure it cover the duty tax incurred in Malaysia custom. As per my comgateway shipment below, no taxes incurred during payment time in their website, tax is only quantified once reaching Malaysia custom to be around RM130 for my shipment. And sometimes my shipment won’t even incurred duty by Malaysia custom, so i wonder why should Borderlinx charge the taxes all inclusive at the initial stage.


My shipment above is for 12kg of items value over US$300 was charged by custom Malaysia for about RM130 duty tax. Comgateway DHL paid for the duty tax on my behalf as they provide door to door service without me having to collect the items from Subang airport. As per online research, there is some words on if the item value + shipping charge (converted to MYR) is less than RM500, then it would not be charged duty in custom. From past experience, i mostly shipped items+shipping totaled RM500 and less, therefore had not been charged duty before this, thus they might be some truth in that statement.

Anyone have personal experience of using Borderlinx or other services to ship items to Malaysia?


National Science Centre, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, KL

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Had memories of visiting national science center during primary/secondary schooling days and liking it then, so bf and I have been talking about visiting it someday. Entry fees is quite cheap at RM3 (According to their website, it is now RM6). We went for the dinasaur exhibition hall as well(additional RM8)


The dinasaour exhibition is quite boring, the hall is small and are man-made models moving artificially like machine, not real dinasaurs fossils.


Once entering into NSC, there are touch pools which are like those in Kenko fish spa, only these are bigger fish.



fishes near entrance to NSC


overhead fresh water aquarium


hamster threading wheel?


This is the dinosaur exhibition, boring~ we spent like 5 minutes inside.


more artificial dinosaur


subterranean journey ie underground structure



Sit on one of these chair as above, and it will go underground, the air cond is cooling and feels comfortable in this whole building


Once we reached certain place underground, there will be a bat-mobile like car which we were given 3D spectacles and watch a 3D underwater show


Feels dizzy and blurry watching this 3D show which lasted about 5 minutes


Sit on chair again to be sent to ground level.

Overall, not an exciting trip, just to kill time walking around and the heat of noon day deters us from walking to other building within national science center(from afar we saw there is like a fish breeding area) and garden area

Address: National Science Center

Persiaran Bukit Kiara, 50662 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hour:

Monday to Thursday (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

Saturday to Sunday (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

Entrance: RM6 per adult

Website: Pusat Sains Negara – National Science Center


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