Batu Pahat on Transnational bus 4:00pm Sunday (Pudu Bus Station)

Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Wednesday 26 November 2008 9:29 am
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Took Transnational bus to Batu Pahat last Sunday 4:00pm, since no one offer me anything, refer to bottom of this post, i have to continue to go to Batu Pahat for this project 😉 which approximately end mid December, have to go there almost every week for training, live run, stand by, month end closing etc. Gosh, i am getting tired… want holiday, days and weeks of doing nothing but eat, bake, cook, eat, sleep, tv, ho jiak, watch nigella cook, see jamie oliver work his thing, hear Gordon Ramsay curse etc etc.
I like Transnational bus, as i think it is a trusted company which enforce certain speed limit on its driver, so it actually take longer time to reach your destination, but it is a safe choice, and the bus is clean.
Ticket to Batu Pahat is RM15.50 + RM4.70(30% surcharge) + RM0.10 = RM20.30
For inquiries on bus ticket availability, you can try numbers below, but you can’t make any booking, have to go there in person to secure a ticket.
03-2078 2563
03-2070 3300


Yong Sheng Gift Shop Batu Pahat (revisit)

Posted by vivien | Others | Wednesday 26 November 2008 2:22 am
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A touristy looking gift shops which sells all sort of pastry, drinks etc. The price is reasonable and you get to taste almost everything. Refer to my first post on Yong Sheng
Store front

87, Jalan Mohd Akil,
83000, Batu Pahat,
Telephone: 07-438 1362


Glutton’s Street(Jalan Peng Kai), Batu Pahat

Posted by vivien | Others | Wednesday 26 November 2008 12:43 am
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Famous Belacan Mee Hoon, but we didn’t try:P
Glutton’s street is filled with hawker fair on dinner time. Street name is Jalan Peng Kai in Batu Pahat.
We had claypot chicken rice, made on the spot, see the boiling foam of rice…
looks delicious, but actually it is just so so, chicken is soft pasar chicken.
Tapao something back for supper, being greedy…
stalls looking dowdy and unhygenic, but i am craving fish head mee hoon, so… It taste horribly fishy.
another stall nearby, only know on the next day that both the fish head noodle stall and this oyster omelette stall is famous in serving bad food
Want to try this someday: pig innards soup and yam rice. I don’t fancy pig innards but like the pig stomach and peperish soup.
I think this Teck Chung chicken rice restaurant is famous, they is one stall of the same name at the opposite side of the road, had it 2 days ago, not bad not bad 😉


Chee Cheong Fun road side stall, Batu Pahat

Posted by vivien | Others | Saturday 22 November 2008 4:40 am
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This stall had been here for long time, it is walking distance from fish soup.
Woon Chai Gou (cantonese): RM0.30 per pc
Yam Cake: RM0.50
Chee Cheong Fun: RM0.50
Food is kept steamy hot in there.
The Woon Chai Gou is disappointing, floury. The Chee Cheong Fun looks ok, i didn’t try it. 😛


Fish Head Noodle / Fish Soup, Jalan Abu Bakar, Batu Pahat

Posted by vivien | Others | Saturday 22 November 2008 4:28 am
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This fish soup stall is recommended by locals, situated in Jalan Abu Bakar, Batu Pahat. It is located in alleys between shops, next to a tyre shop.
loads of fresh ingredients.
Fish Porridge, Teo Chew Style (RM3)

You can choose either soup with rice (RM3.70) or fish head noodle (RM3)
This soup is clear and sweet from fish bones. Different from KL, it contains minced pork pieces and sliced pork in addition to fish slices/fish head.
Highly recommended. Its operating hours is from about 6pm onwards.


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