Tien Tien Lai Restaurant, Pudu

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 7 September 2009 8:34 pm
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Tien Tien Lai, Pudu, a restaurant situated in one of the backlane in Pudu, customers filled to the brim, business is brisk, and there have 2 place for seating: one with air-conditioner and one without.
Sweet and sour pork, RM10, taste so-so to me partly i don’t fancy pork that much and prefer more simple food(steamed, savoury instead of this “sweet” dish)
superb steamed egg(normal chicken egg, salted egg and century egg), RM8
steamed ginger paste fish, RM15
overall, a so-so place to have dinner, the steamed egg is superbly done, smooth. Have been eating so much outside these few weeks, i still prefer more homey food, not too oily, not deep fried… weight have increased 2-3kg in the last few weeks and it is not even funny when i see the cellulite in thigh/leg… urghhhh… also been pigging so much last few weeks during lunch time too… usually i will do 25 mins of elliptical machine, that’s it(why 25 mins, because i am “lazy” to do 30 mins… haha), but today did another 15 brisk walk on machine… hope it helps… want to lose some topical weight in the mid section, is that possible? read some article before that there is no such things as targetting areas of your body which you want to work on…
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