is 5 years old

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5 years old on 13 September 2013, visitor are dwindling to record low now. It is averaging around 110 unique visitors daily :(, it was around 400 visitor when it was 3 year old.

And now it is PR2 instead of PR3, a bulk of visitors are from google, and this PR downgrading is significant cause of low visitor. is 4 year old

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Four years old now, daily unique visitor have dropped much since early this year πŸ™ Daily visitor averaging 230 now, used to be more during third year of this blog. is 3 years old

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Oops forgot, is 3 years old yesterday

A look back 1st post on Durian cream puff near Petaling Street 1 year old

Dishwithvivien.comΒ 2 year old

Now having average 400 visitors daily πŸ™‚ Dear blog, when can you earn some good AdSense money and i can stop working?




 is 2 years old

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time flies, it is two years anniversary of this blog. At time i do wish that i started blogging about food since university, as i did have a blog then of what i eat at home hosted in then, my favourite blog then was Chocolate & Zucchini, miss the food in Canada especially poutine and caramel apple, which i don’t seem to see any in Malaysia… they are chilli fries here, just no poutine, and btw, the logo on top of this blog supposed to be poutine, but my friend who drew it added hotdog and stuff onto it, and she supposedly draw me in a bathtub filled with poutine, and with a cooling pad on the forehead because the tub is too hot
I started writing this blog as i was getting bored with work… it is nothing related to what i like most or most comfortable with… as i cook occasionally, love eating, watching cooking show since school days, love browsing my dad’s cook book which is very detailed and full of pictures, men in my family are actually better cooks, was at a cross road of deciding what to study after high school, thought of studying cooking, went to a education fair, i think it is fair mainly of cooking school, i remembered Flamingo being one of the school…Β  it was an odd choice to study things food related, never knew the job options of studying culinary… so went on with my second choice-IT, later on while in university, realizing that the F&B world has very odd hours, working weekends, pastry chef working wees hour churning out dough and pastries for the next day :\
This second year i had more invited review, in fact the first invited review Manhattan fish market is on the 2nd year of blogging… It is sorta love hate relationship. I love getting free stuff, free food included. But i do enjoy the freedom of speech reviewing food which are paid for ownself or bf :)… But it gets a bit different(at least for me) when you are reviewing stuff or food you get for free, i tend to be less critical, not revealing the bad point of the food etc… A while back read an article, couldn’t find back that same article, but it is similar to, mostly point 4. “We will disclose gifts, comps and samples”… Some ppl said food blogger should reveal whatever freebies that is given to them in their blog post, while some argue reviews restaurant/product given for free should be avoided… too bad i couldn’t find back where is the exact post, i think it is a quite well known US food blog, she said that if she were to pay for everything that she reviewed, it would cost a lot, and not afford to do it, i agree… hehe… it is always nice to be able to try new food and products… As long as blogger disclose gifts/complementary meal etc that he/she received, i find it is ok, just take the review with pinch of salt
Statistically, over period of 1 year, readership have increased from averagely 80 per day to now averagely 300 per day. Thanks for all the support… hehe…

Reference toΒ dishwithvivien was 1 year old, someone commented that there should be more food blogs who critize restaurant, not only say good things and praises to what they have tried. And yes being to more invited reviews now :P, i tend to skimp on the negative side, or maintain neutral and not having any opinion to their food although the bood is nothing spectacular or bad, but if you get my hints in those posting, i might not say it is bad… but i will “critise” certain elements of the dish et cetera… looks like this blog is not gonna be like the scary food critique in ratatouile. However they are few blogs which i find are quite honest in their reviews. Some of the food blogs that i like are: Pillow Talk with Bangsar-bAbE, thenomadGourmand, vkeong etc is 1 year old, a walk down memory lane

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This is a scheduled post.

During this 1 year, i have blogged on various eateries, some of the must-go list are:
Sugimoto Japanese Restaurant in Hartamas
Popeyes Louisina Kitchen
Ikea Food Court
Gelatissimo Ice Cream
Dubrovnik, Mont Kiara Solaris
Happy Meal Durian Puff near Petaling Street
Steamboat King, Jalan Ipoh
Pan Mee, Jinjang
Crystal Jade Kitche, Pavillion Shopping Mall
Kin Heng Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh
Delicious, Bangsar Shopping Centre
My favourite post (other food related and non-food related post)
Sekeping Serendah Retreat
How to Make Swiss Roll
Recipe: Pavlova
Camera Survey Among Food Bloggers
Food Exhibition Attended
Epicure Malaysia 2008
MIFB 2009, Malaysia Internation Food and Beverage Exhibition
During this one year, i am pretty much on a roll, churning out 1 post every other day, averagely, looking back, it is kinda crazy, but i enjoy blogging bout food basically anything food-related πŸ˜› Good thing they is always gym exercise(swimming, elliptical machine) to keep my weight in check, however tummy is starting to show even though my weight is maintained… hahaha… probably from the occasionally over stretching of the stomach wall during some serious buffet chowing.
Photos in this blog have been blurred and over exposed consistently, mainly i am unwilling to spend on camera, and i am still in love with my cute-size camera,Β Pentax Optio S4 which weight only 115g with battery, hard to beat that when i don’t really want to be recognised as a hard-core foodie with big flashes and more noticeable camera… πŸ˜› Might borrow my mum’s Olympus FE-20 which double the megapixe if i really want to take better photos. Anyway, food blogging can be boring after a while, when you have “review” so much eateries, just feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again, that’s why i tend to try to mess up some recipes without over-following the recipes, just a twit here and there to use up whatever ingredients which is already at home… food is suppose to be fun, creative, experimental, carefree, and not bogged down by feeling of trying to fill up blogs with post after post, however that is also what i hope for… “Variety is the spice of life” definitely applies for me when it comes to food, won’t stress so much about having perfect photos while eating, just so the food don’t get cold/melt etc when it is my turn to enjoy foooood. Also try to chip in a few non-food-related post to give my food-overloaded mind a break… hahaha
Just in case anyone interested in my camera survey, i did some serious documentation(sort of), including what camera food bloggers’ are using for their blog.
At the mean time, thank you for all my “fans/stalkers” etc for follow this humble blog of mine, which i share on everything food(and occasionally non food-related) which tickles my fancy, this is where i share my fun food adventure πŸ™‚
So back to business… hehe, please leave your comment about this 1-year-old-blog of mine, which area you think can be improved? what attracts you to my site? πŸ™‚ How to increase unique visitors, so that this blog will be so popular that i don’t have to work anymore… hahaha… anything you would like to say…


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