Tarbush Middle Eastern Restaurant, Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 2 June 2012 11:52 pm
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Bought a Everyday living social deal for Tarbush, RM65 for 2 pax, a satisfying meal, it is so much cheaper considering i was there almost 4 years ago and we paid more than that for 2 pax. It includes below:

1 Appetizer (choose from : Tarbush Hommus<chickpea>, Baba Ghanoush<eggplant mixed with tomato etc>, Mutabal<eggplant mixed with white bean etc> & Labne<cottage cheese>)

1 Main course (choose from Maklouba (Lamb/Chicken)<eggplant spiced rice with meat>, Bamyeh with White Rice<okra lady’s finger stew>, Kofteh Stew with White Rice (daud basha)<meatball stew with rice> & Biryani (Lamb/Chicken))

1 Grills (choose from Spicy Shish Tawook<grilled chicken cube>, Shish Kabab<grilled lamb mince> & Grilled Spring Chicken)

1 Dessert(choose from Mahalabia<milky cream dessert with sprinkles of pistachio>, Cream Caramel & Fruit Platter)

2 Soft Drink (choose from 7up, Miranda Orange & Pepsi)


Free pickles for nibbling(that’s is raw chilli padi which is very spicy), nonpitted black olives, cucumber and some pickles


Tarbush hummos which is very fragrant with sesame, a tad salty but very nice.


Complementary bread, it would be better if the bread is warmed.


Lamb Maklouba(rice is cooked with eggplant/tomato) with yoghurt on the side, lamb is warm and flavorful, rice is very big portion, i think i would have preferred briyani rice as this rice taste of cumin/fennel, quick a distinct spice scented rice.


Lamb kebab, moist and piping hot from the grill, taste good


Fruit platter


appetizer menu


main course/rice menu


grills menu


dessert menu

part of the drink menu

Overall, i find this is a good deal from living social as the portion served is normal portion and not sized down, a filling and satisfying meal.

Address: Restaurant Tarbush Delicacies Sdn Bhd (they have 1 branch in Penang and 3 branches in Klang Valley: Starhill, Sunway Pyramid and one along jalan Bukit Bintang main road)
No. LG 16, Lower Ground floor, Starhill gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 03-2144 6393

Website: Tarbush

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Sana’a Yemeni Arabian Food, Cyberjaya

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 22 January 2011 10:54 pm
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Chicken Mandi/Mandy, RM10, chicken is very dry


Lamb Tiny, RM10, chopped lamb with onion, potatoes, tomatoes and chilis


Oqda chicken, RM10, Chicken meat fried with shredded potatoes, quite nice


Their small homemade bread, RM2 only, large one goes for RM3, piping hot, similar to texture of roti canai but baked instead of pan fried.


appetiser menu


small dishes


Rice dishes (lamb/chicken)



Address: Sana’a

NeoCyber, Lingkaran Cyberpoint Barat,

63000 Cyberjaya


Khayam-E-Basera, Arabian/Mughal food, Cyberjaya

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 6 December 2010 11:12 pm
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They serve Arabian and Mughal (Pakistan) food, food are yummy, hearty and homey.


Chicken Karahi, chicken cooked with traditional Mughal style in medium thick gravy, RM7.90. Capati(RM1) is really nice


They have 3 kinds of dhal: Dal Tarka(RM3.50), Dal Makhani(RM5.90) and Dal Multani(RM3.90). Above is dhal Tarka


Entrees and Vegetarian menu(to be served with capati bread)


More vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, to be served with their home-made chapati


Drinks are cheap here, ice lemon tea for RM2 and Mango Lassi only RM3.50


More non-vegetarian dish and rice dishes

Address: Khayam-E-Basera (home delivery and catering services available)

29-G, NeoCyber,

Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat,

63000 Cyberjaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,



Invited Review: Laziz Middle Eastern Cuisine, Mont Kiara Solaris (opposite Cold Storage supermarket)

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 18 July 2010 6:25 pm
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Laziz is a Middle Eastern Food restaurant situated in Solaris, Mont Kiara, diagonally across from Cold Storage supermart.

Middle Eastern food is among my favorite cuisine as it looks and feels healthy, with plenty of vege, not oily etc. I was given a complementary meal by Akram of Laziz.

Left: dining area

Right: looking towards kitchen

Laziz Mazza, RM35, clockwise from top right: Fetush salad, Baba Ghanoosh, Arabic Salad, and Humos.Middle is Wara Ainab(grape leave stuffed with rice and onion), to be served with pita Bread

Fetosh is a salad mixture with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, white radish, zuchini tossed with lemony dressing and crispy bread. Baba Ghanosh is mashed grilled eggplant with olive oil. Arabic salad finely chopped salad mixture topped by sumac-middle eastern flower herb.

Love the hummus, not so fond of baba ghanosh and wara einab which taste of olive to me, the salads are both refreshing.

Laziz Mix Grill, RM38, a very filling dish, good enough for 2 person. Comes with 2 lamb shish kebab, 2 lamb chop, cubes of shish tawook(chicken cubes) and Lamb Cubes. Yummy~ Garlic sauce at the side feels a bit too oily to me though.

Left: Soup menu

Right: Salad menu

Left: Appetizers menu

Right: Main course menu

Left: Seafood and BBQ menu

Right: BBQ, pasta and sandwich menu

Left: Side Orders and Dessert menu

Right: Beverage, juices

Herbal drink, tea and coffee menu

Overall, i find the  food here are reasonably priced and flavorful.

Address: Laziz Sdn Bhd

No. 18, 18-1, Off Jalan Duta Kiara,

50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour: 11:00am – 11:pm (you can dine anytime in this period)

Tel: 03-6203 6607 (delivery service available from 12pm – 10pm)

Fax: 03-6203 6607

Website: Laziz Middle Eastern Restaurant

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Al Baraka Arab Cuisine, Cyberjaya

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Friday 2 October 2009 11:11 pm
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Resize of IMGP1256

One of the few arab/persian restaurants mushrooming in Cyberjaya. The shop owner, cooks, servers all look arabian to me. A lot of customers while we were there for lunch. This shop located same row as Dominoes Pizza.

Resize of IMGP1251

starter, beverage, dessert

Resize of IMGP1252

starter and main dishes

Resize of IMGP1253
Falafel, Tadjine etc

Resize of IMGP1254

Arayes (arabian meat calzone thingy), RM12, there is meat, onion etc slap between two thin pita bread.

Resize of IMGP1255

My mandy chicken, RM13, should have asked for thigh, chicken breast meat is too dry. Portion is really big, a lot of rice too


Based on the 2 dishes we ordered, i still preferred Ariana Persian food.


Telephone: 016-795 0005 (delivery available)

Address: Al Baraka (same row as Dominoes Pizza)

32-G, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat, 


63000, Selangor


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